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Subscription Box Showdown

Being in the US for a vacation, I was delighted to subscribe to three subscription boxes for the month of March. Naturally I had so many choices of US located boxes, but I narrowed it down to three: Bookcase Club, Book of the Month, & The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. These may seem like unconventional choices, given all the options around. Being a book reviewer, I thought what better post to do then do a Subscription Box Showdown and give you all my thoughts regarding them.

The Nocturnal Reader's BoxThe Nocturnal Readers Box ($35)

This is the most expensive of the box, but the one with the most additional items. This box specializes in horror, science fiction, fantasy, and psychological thriller. Each month there is a different theme, for March it was “Into the Woods”. You receive: 1 new book, 1 previously released book, 1 custom print, & 1 wearable item. The value of the box is described as over $60. There is also a chance you can get a signed book sometimes, although that seems to be random. They do offer longer term plans where the price, broken down for a month, is less expensive.

The Nocturnal Reader's BoxMy thoughts

While I love the premise of this, my expectations fell short.  I loved the concept of “Into the woods”.

Bookwise, I am really intrigued in these books and so on that level, pleased. The Devil Crept In ($10.00)* & In a Dark, Dark Wood ($9.63)*

The additional merchandise? Not so much. I realize that this is pure luck and based on the contents of the box. But they just weren’t for me. The wearable hat is something I would never wear, not because I think it’s awful, but because I don’t wear hats. The pin was cute, but not a strong feeling one way or the other. I also don’t own a car, so the air freshener is a tad difficult to figure out where to put that.

There was an interesting wrist band for camping, but I had two problems with it: 1) I don’t enjoy camping and 2) It was broken when it arrived. The print was very pretty, but I am not exactly sure what to do with it. While the bookmark was a great idea, a beautiful wooden one, the actual print wasn’t my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, my favorite items were the tea strainer and the tea (Roibos Honeybush). But even that had a caveat as the tea was so fine a huge amount slipped through and I had to re-strain it with a coffee filter.

In conclusion

I think what you can gather from my review is that, this box just wasn’t for me. I do not think that is a negative about the box. I don’t blame them at all. The boxes extra items can be a hit or miss for people and I think I was just in the miss part. Do I recommend this box? If the genres above, sci/fi, fantasy, or horror, appeal to you, then go ahead! I don’t regret trying this out and if this is a hit for you, I am very glad. I hope you enjoy it, because if these items were a little different, or more my style, this would be fantastic.

Book of the Month Book ClubBook of the Month ($14.99 & up)

This box has a unique premise where each month they curate a selection of five books. From these five, you can pick one (which is included in the member price) and then any additional ones for an added fee. I love that they balance surprise and choice and I picked Exit West ($13.68)* for my book.

I am incredibly excited for this book as I have heard so much about it. You are emailed at the beginning of each month with the selections and given a few days to select. From then on you can have it shipped immediately or wait until the 7th. Additionally you can try one month, your first, for only $5 and after that you pay the regular $14.99. This is a great deal that you can use to see if you like it. You can also skip a month if you want to or if no books appeal to you. The box is no frills, straightforward, and packed in a box that fits perfectly. Last month they also had an exclusive Book of the Month and one that was not yet released. So those perks are an added bonus!

Would I recommend? Absolutely. I love that I was able to get this book for such a fantastic price and if I was staying, I would definitely be keeping my subscription.

Bookcase Club Subscription BoxBookcase Club ($9.99+shipping)

My favorite of them all, the Bookcase club. You pick a theme: Thrill Seeker, Strange Worlds, Teenage Dreams, Blind Date, Booking for Love, & Read to Me. Each of these are different themes and I chose Strange Worlds of course.

I received The Library at Mount Char ($6.99) and The Crow of Connemara ($25.95)*. Considering the prices of the books, the value is even better. I have never heard of either of these, but I am so excited. The box is packed really snug with some cute blue branded tissue paper.


Overall my favorite, in terms of books for value, was The Bookcase Club. You can’t really beat that price. But if you are looking for newly released books, then go for Book of the Month, because their selection is great. If you’re a fan of horror, scifi, and fantasy then go for The Nocturnal Reader’s Box.

Let’s Discuss: What’s your favorite subscription box? Any I should check out next time?

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*Prices according to Amazon

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