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Review: With You Forever by Chloe Liese

As someone who has been powering through the Bergman Brother series ever since my first one, this has to be in my top favorites. With You Forever builds on the threads from last book with two charming characters of grumpy meets sunshine. Keep reading this book review of With You Forever for my full thoughts.


Opposites attract in this heartfelt, modern marriage-of-convenience romance about finding love—and home—in the most unlikely of places.

Rooney Sullivan is sunshine incarnate and the antithesis of quiet, reserved Axel. He’s been able to hide his attraction to her until a party game gets out of hand and ends in an unexpected kiss. Months later, Rooney’s staying just next door to him for a cozy A-frame getaway and temptingly within reach.

Axel, the eldest Bergman brother, is a gorgeous grump and Rooney’s longtime crush. Their kiss was an accident, and months later, so is stumbling into him at the Bergman family’s property. Rooney’s sure her feelings are unrequited, thanks to the distance Axel keeps, so she keeps her attraction to herself.

But when Axel and Rooney unexpectedly find their paths—and problems—converging, marriage proves the perfect solution. At least, until they face a new a marriage of convenience that’s inconveniently become a love match, after all.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

I have been waiting for With You Forever as soon as I met Axel and even more so after Ever After Always. It begins with some of my favorite tropes – grumpy meets sunshine – but also when the smell of your crush electrifies us. Ever since Twilight, I love a good smell scene. We also support marriage of conveniences especially if it’s to the person you secretly love anyway. So overall, just a slam dunk for With You Forever.

The chemistry is off the pages here, but I think what I love is the ways With You Forever examines and explores how closeness and vulnerability can function. The ways we think we aren’t worthy of love or a relationship, scared to get close to someone. I also loved the brother relationships we see in With You Forever and can’t wait to read the next one! This one is perfect for anyone who loves a story about characters who need to think they are enough. Worthy of love and being wanted.

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