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Review: When I’m Her by Sarah Zachrich Jeng

For fans of thrillers of friendship, When I’m Her is an interesting genre blending story about obsession. It’s about mistakes, betrayal, and ambition. About gilded cages and envy. Keep reading this book review of When I’m Her for my full thoughts.


Though polar opposites, Mary and Elizabeth are as close as can be—until the night Elizabeth makes an irrevocable mistake and leaves Mary to take the blame. Years later, Elizabeth seems to have forgotten Mary exists.

Mary hasn’t forgotten her.

She follows Elizabeth’s every move online, obsessed with paying her back for the betrayal that cost Mary her dreams. Now Mary has found a way to switch bodies with Elizabeth, and she’s got a plan to steal her charmed life. Her career. Her looks. Her husband. 

They do say living well is the best revenge.

Or is it? The more Mary uncovers about Elizabeth’s life, the more she realizes she may have made a deadly mistake. And she’ll need the help of her worst enemy to stay alive.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Hatred, alliances, and mutual destruction. When I’m Her is a story with dual timelines establishing the history between Mary and Elizabeth. What happened all those years ago and why is there bad blood between them. If you liked stories like I’m Not Done with You Yet then this is for you. I enjoyed seeing the ways their friendship and envy twist between the layers of the past and the present. It helps establish their tension, while also keeping readers on the edge of their seat.

Additionally, When I’m Her explores the illusions of our lives. The ways it can seem like we have it all, when inside the walls are crumbling. The foundation is rotting. Or the ways we can be happy, content, live a full life when it seems like it’s in shambles. With a speculative fiction twist, When I’m Her is constantly shifting. A thriller of chess moves. Piled layers of secrets. The secrets which fest over time. Manipulation in the guise of openness. When I’m Her is a perfect thriller to bring on vacation, to dip your toes into. It asks us whether having ‘it all’ is enough.

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What is your favorite friendship thriller?

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