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Review: Tyrant’s Throne by Sebastien de Castell

Tyrant’s Throne is such a satisfying end to a phenomenal series. It just proves how wonderful of a writer de Castell is that he can execute a plot so complex, characters capable of making us cry and swoon, and, ultimately, many protagonists who inspire us. There were new characters, new twists, and for pages we were unsure of which way was up and how our heroes will escape, but it is a fantastic time and absolutely worth every second.


The Greatcoats are back. While Falcio is preparing for Aline to take the throne, and fulfill his dying King’s last request, trouble is brewing over the border. In the neighboring country of Avares, a land Tristia knows little to nothing about, has been in a war for decades, and a new warlord is threatening to unite the tribes. This would be threatening enough, if his new ally did not appear to be Trin. It is up to Falcio, Brasti, and Kest, yet again, to save the country, but something else awaits them over the border, something they could have never predicted.


Writing reviews for sequels is always a difficult task, for those that are the finale of a series, the task becomes even harder. Yet more challenging still, is writing a review for the finale of one of the best series you have read in a long time. That is exactly the challenge that I face now.

From the very beginning, have no fear. You’re in store for the same compelling, humorous, and moving writing. Don’t worry about the whole cast of characters you’ve come to love, they’re still around and in for some challenges that will make them grow and stretch their wings. The story is as complex, as confounding, but as satisfying as before. So tuck in and brave yourself for a wonderful and bittersweet ride.

The Characters

I have spent so many hours with these characters, they’ve become more like friends. From Basti’s humor, to Kest’s intellect, Falcio’s compassion, Valian’s bravery, and Aline’s good heart, I feel a connection with each of them. They speak to something within me, not only for their good qualities, but also for their intricacies: Basti’s fragile heart, Kest’s steadfast commitment, and Falcio’s vulnerability. Once more this book adds old friends and new allies to the mix.

You can never completely write off anyone and just when you think they’ve lived a life far away from here, or even died, they’ll come back to us. One of the biggest strengths of this book is how de Castell writes his characters. They are beautifully tragic, wonderfully vulnerable, and touchingly raw. They make you love them with their honesty, their faith, and their genuine spirit, even when their flaws bring them to the brink of demise.

“I am a Bardatti, Falcio: a troubador. I play hope every night, and joy twice on the weekends. But when the hour grows late and the work day approaches, even I must play the ugly truth for all to hear” (79).

(I have to say that one of the things I love the most in this book, speaking of smaller things, not the compelling characters or cunning plot, is the presence of music. The way that it is seen as essential to the preservation of culture and its use within the context of war. It is beyond touching, to me, because I often think music is over looked. Yet it is through culture, music, and art, that we preserve the essence of us).

In Conclusion,

Within the story, there are striking parallels and references that astound you with the sheer history of this magical place and people united by the barest hope and the strongest currents of loyalty. Your heart will break, you will burst out in laughter, even when you’re crying, all at the same time. It’s hard to say goodbye to these friends we’ve known and treasured for so long, but don’t worry, they’ll always be here, lying between the covers, waiting for you to do it all again.

You can buy yourself a copy of Traitor’s Throne on Amazon (US), add it to Goodreads, or visit de Castell’s website.


If you could cast yourself as one of these characters which would it be?

I know that’s a super difficult question. For me? I would love to be Darianna, because she is dangerous and loyal.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley. Although I also had a copy in hand from my pre-order too!

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