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Review: The Partner Plot by Kristina Forest

I really loved The Neighbor Favor and The Partner Plot features Lily’s sister! The Partner Plot is perfect for fans of marriage of conveniences, second chance romance, and teen crushes. It was so sweet and easy to devour. Keep reading this book review of The Partner Plot for my full thoughts.


To Violet Greene, fashion is everything. As a successful celebrity stylist, she travels all over the world, living out her dreams. Professionally, she’s thriving, but her personal life is in shambles. After surviving a very public breakup with her ex-fiancé six months ago, Violet is now determined to focus on her career. But life hands her something—or rather, someone—that might derail everything…

Xavier Wright did not expect to run into his high school girlfriend Violet—the girl he once thought he’d marry—on a birthday trip to Vegas. As a high school teacher and basketball coach, he rarely leaves his New Jersey hometown, so what were the chances? But when the initial shock wears off, they decide to celebrate together. They feel young and reckless as they party the night away—and reckless they clearly were when the following morning, they wake up beside each other with rings on their fingers.

Their impulsive nuptials might be a blessing in disguise, though, when they realize that both of their careers could benefit from the marriage. So they play the part of a blissfully wedded couple. Yet when their passion comes hurling back, they realize their feelings are just as real as they were back when they were teens. But are their lives too different to stick it through or will they finally get a happy ending?


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

The Partner Plot is perfect for those who want a second chance romance book which really sinks into the why. Why didn’t they work out? Forest is committed to the character growth. It’s about that fierce quick consuming powerful love we have as teens. But it’s also about the knowledge that relationships take work and commitment. It means showing up for someone on their hard days. It’s also the knowledge that people change and this new person, while we see the echoes of the old, is someone else.

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The Partner Plot also recognizes the crushing heartbreak. The fear that letting someone in again will result in that pain. There’s some truly disastrous and hilarious scenes mixed with the swoony ones. All in all The Partner Plot is about being brave enough to allow ourselves to be vulnerable again. It’s about trusting in each other and putting in the work for who we love. Find The Partner Plot on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon,, & Blackwells.


Who is your favorite sister MC in a romance story?

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