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Review: The Dark Archive by Genevieve Cogman

You know those series you love? The ones that you wish would never end? That’s how I feel about The Invisible Library series. And I have been so excited for The Dark Archive installment. Especially as the world continues to grow and develop! Keep reading this book review to see my full thoughts.


A professional spy for a mysterious Library which harvests fiction from different realities, Irene faces a series of assassination attempts that threaten to destroy her and everything she has worked for.

Irene is teaching her new assistant the fundamentals of a Librarian’s job, and finding that training a young Fae is more difficult than she expected. But when they both narrowly avoid getting killed in an assassination attempt, she decides that learning by doing is the only option they have left – especially when the assassins keep coming for them, and for Irene’s other friends as well…

In order to protect themselves, Irene and her friends must do what they do best: search for information to defeat the overwhelming threat they face and identify their unseen enemy. To do that, Irene will have to delve deeper into her own history than she ever has before, face an ancient foe, and uncover secrets that will change her life and the course of the Library forever.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

The Dark Archive proves that the past will never stay buried. Especially in a series full of Fae betrayals, high technology worlds, and chaos running rampant. Full of back and forth banter, The Dark Archive introduces new plots and welcomes old enemies. Well, the word welcome might be an exaggeration. The danger and intrigue continues to build, as Cogman introduces some new characters that pull at our heart strings.

Irene is forced not only to confront old mistakes, but also train her new assistant. Catherine reminds us not only of the pure love for books, but also makes Irene re-consider her current path. Why does one want to become a Librarian? And what sacrifices will be asked of us? The Dark Archive brings readers back to the world of Vale and if you’ve been missing the Sherlock Holme-esque feel – then prepare yourself! It’s a story about betrayal and power. No one stays gone forever. And in these worlds, in these characters, we pursue our own dreams, in spite of, against, or in search of something more.

The Dark Archive is true tour de force in the entire series. Not only does Cogman introduce some side characters who have become precious to me, but also some truly shocking revelations. Prepare yourself for magic we have never seen before, clever writing, and an epilogue that will leave you needing another. Find The Dark Archive on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


Who is your favorite side character who loves books?

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