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Review: The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker

The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker

The Animators was a total surprise and its plot, as well as introspective passages, made this book meaningful and poignant. It encompasses the entirety of Mel and Sharon’s partnership from its origins to its resting place. In between it looks at addiction, obsession, our own memories and trauma. The Animators is a deeply surprising and thought provoking story that examines an unlikely partnership and the cracks that fame and self-reflection cause in their lives. The plot steadily moves onwards, drawing us into their lives and an unexpected tragedy causes them to study their relationship and their careers.

“You feel an unspeakable closeness to another human being. For me, a person who has always considered herself lone, those conversations feel like a gift, someone trusting me with something private and valuable”

This book takes time to develop, but once it does, it becomes impossible to stop reading. Their relationship is, on the one hand, so unique, yet at the same time represents all our relationships with doubt and dependency. Passages of Sharon’s thoughts stopped me while reading because they moved me so deeply. Whether it be our inability to confront the truth, the inaccessible love from our family, or even the desire to substitute obsession for love, her inner ruminations struck a chord within me.

“It’s a flipbook of someone losing something important to them, to who they are, and it is beautiful. Made with total care; total faith in the recovery of what is lost”

Their whole relationship is based on their ability to tell stories and Whitaker has done a phenomenal job with their story, their limitations and their emotions. This book is one of the ones that changes you after reading. It makes you question memories, feelings, and thoughts you have about yourself in subtle ways and while they may not happen immediately, overnight things begin to shift. I look forward to re-reading this book again in a few months, and that feeling rarely happens! I usually pick up a book, enjoy it, love it, maybe even learn from it, and then put it in my bookshelf again. But this book has the potential to be like an old friend, or a mentor, and has the capacity to teach and speak to me later in life.

To conclude,

The Animators is released tomorrow and I can warmly recommend you to pick up a copy. If you enjoy deeply thought-out characters, enjoy complex female friendships, or want to try reading something that just might change the way you think about yourself, please pick this up. If not for yourself, but for your future self, the self that might thank you for reading this novel. To preorder this book, order it here and to check out her site!


Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley

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