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Review: Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know by Candace Rose Rardon

As someone who is fueled by tea, you know that as soon as I saw this book I knew I had to have it. Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know is informational pocket sized, and makes a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. This book makes a practical gift that will thrill the tea enthusiast in you. Keep reading this book review to find out why I would recommend this book.


Tea is arguably the most popular beverage in the world, but there’s more to know beyond the colorful boxes sold at your local grocery store. Like wine and beer, each tea variety has its own distinct history, source, and flavor profile, from Darjeeling to matcha to Silver Needle. Tea is also embedded in the traditions of many cultures around the world and is shared with others through distinctive ceremonies that include unique customs, foods, and accessories. Within the pages of this pocket-sized guide, you’ll find information, how-tos, and trivia for tea lovers of all levels. Experts and newbies alike will learn about:

Tea Bags vs. Loose Leaf

How to Prepare Tea

Tea Families and Common Varieties

Tea Traditions around the World

How to Host an Afternoon Tea for Adults

How to Throw a Tea Party for Children

And more!


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Every year I fall more in love with tea. It fuels me, picks me up in the afternoon, and lulls me to sleep. Especially considering 2020, tea has been my lifeline. While I’ve always been a fan of tea, I’ve only begun to begin experimenting and delving more into tea types. Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know came at the perfect moment. It is written in a way that is easily digestable and incredibly educational. I love how it is organized – as if it could anticipate my questions!

Answering a plethora of tea related questions, Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know describes the ways tea is made. The day after reading the first chapter, which was steeped in information, I immediately made my whole family listen to me prattle on about tea. This book will give you the information to begin your own tea journey of discovery. There are so many tea types I want to try! It will help you experience the true art of tea. The refinement and opportunities will open in front of you.

Find Stuff Every Tea Lover Should Know on Goodreads, Amazon (US) (UK), Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


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