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Review: One for All by Lillie Lainoff

I think you can practically always get my attention with fencing and Three Muskateer vibes. So when I heard about One for All that not only featured those elements plus disability rep I added it to my TBR. And what I read is a exciting, action packed debut full of battles and subterfuge. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Tania de Batz is most herself with a sword in her hand. Everyone in town thinks her near-constant dizziness makes her weak, nothing but “a sick girl”; even her mother is desperate to marry her off for security. But Tania wants to be strong, independent, a fencer like her father—a former Musketeer and her greatest champion.

Then Papa is brutally, mysteriously murdered. His dying wish? For Tania to attend finishing school. But L’Académie des Mariées, Tania realizes, is no finishing school. It’s a secret training ground for a new kind of Musketeer: women who are socialites on the surface, but strap daggers under their skirts, seduce men into giving up dangerous secrets, and protect France from downfall. And they don’t shy away from a swordfight.

With her newfound sisters at her side, Tania feels for the first time like she has a purpose, like she belongs. But then she meets Étienne, her first target in uncovering a potential assassination plot. He’s kind, charming, and breathlessly attractive—and he might have information about what really happened to her father. Torn between duty and dizzying emotion, Tania will have to lean on her friends, listen to her own body, and decide where her loyalties lie…or risk losing everything she’s ever wanted.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: ableism

One for All is a book that I breezed through. Fencing is one of those things I highly admire, but know I could never do well. I was expecting to fall in love with the action. The spying, the betrayals, and subterfuge was something I was expecting. Because I loved the idea of girls who are not only trying to be Muskateers, but also using their wiles. And it’s true. I definitely adored the action, hiding swords beneath petticoats and slinking around in the dark. But what I loved the most was Tania.

I love a heroine who is determined and one who is out for revenge. Call me predictable. So Tania was a heroine I knew I’d love. Besides her quest for revenge, I loved how Tania – as a character – blooms in front of our eyes. Throughout One for All not only does Tania have to train, but she has to (re)evaluate how she sees herself and who she trusts. The greatest weapon can be self-doubt and in One for All Tania navigates her journey to see her capabilities, strengths, and alliances.

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How we can hone the pieces of ourselves without changing them entirely. The difference a friend can make and how a team can make the difference. The growing friendships melted my heart and how we can find a sense of home. One for All is an action packed story that has plenty of sneaking around, webs of lies, and conspiracies, but also a story of friendship, love, and acceptance.

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Do you have a favorite YA that features disability representation?

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