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Review: Medusa in the Graveyard by Emily Devenport

It’s the best feeling when you remember that one of of your favorite books is coming with a sequel. I received the email about Medusa in the Graveyard and the thrill of just finishing Medusa Uploaded came back to me.


Oichi Angelis, former Worm, along with her fellow insurgents on the generation starship Olympia, head deeper into the Charon System for the planet called Graveyard.

Ancient, sentient, alien starships wait for them–three colossi so powerful they remain aware even in self-imposed sleep. The race that made the Three are dead, but Oichi’s people were engineered with this ancient DNA.

A delegation from Olympia must journey to the heart of Graveyard and be judged by the Three. Before they’re done, they will discover that weapons are the least of what the ships have to offer.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

In Medusa in the Graveyard we’re back with our favorite duo – Medusa and Oicihi. But their relationship has evolved. Throughout the course of the book, Devenport allows us to witness their individual character arcs, the ways they pull away from each other, and the ultimate question of their survival. While there’s certainly less murder than I remember from Medusa Uploaded, I was swept away by the sentient creatures (and Medusa), the manipulation of time, and our pursuit of revenge.

The quest to determine our future is one that Medusa, Oichi, and the other characters struggle with in Medusa in the Graveyard. What will we sacrifice in order to get what we want, or to avert what we don’t. Where is the place for what we want, where our agency and individuality lie. We are challenged by our pursuit of love, selflessness, and the greater good. There are quest, companions, and confusion. If the characters in Medusa Uploaded fascinated you, Devenport brings the same intellectually while also presenting a plot which will grip you.

Find Medusa in the Graveyard on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound & The Book Depository.


If you liked Murderbot, I think you’d also like Medusa Uploaded! That being said, who is your favorite robot-ic character?

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