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Review: Lumberjanes Volume 1 by Noelle Stevenson

This comic series is all precious things wrapped up into one. Lumberjanes is like a supernatural Girl Scouts sleep-away retreat, that celebrates friendship, teamwork, and summer camps.


The Lumberjanes have come to summer camp to learn all sorts of things: the uses of plants, how to canoe, and how to arm wrestle talking stone statues. Together they will become better friends, take on supernatural foxes, and take a peek at a bigger mystery going on underneath the stars. Is that not what you did at camp?

Book Review Lumberjanes Vol 1Review

I wouldn’t know since I didn’t really go to a sleepaway summer camp. So, in my opinion, this seems just about what I would expect. I also confess, while I’m on a roll here, that I didn’t know Noelle Stevenson, author of Nimona, until I went to rate this on Goodreads. It seemed so familiar!

I loved the concept of Lumberjanes. Before each episode there’s a ‘theme’ badge and a little text that tells you about what that badge entails. This isn’t just “This badge means you can paddle a canoe”, but about the qualities and skills required for the badges. It puts you in the summer camp mood. There’s so much heart-warming diversity in this comic – and I wish I had read it when I was into Girl Scouts. They go on all these supernatural adventures full of these clever, talented girls.

But don’t mistake the cheery tone, there is something brewing under the surface. While it’s only foreshadowed a little in these episodic comics, there is a red thread emerging. You can bet I’ll be reading more of these, especially from the library, as a wonderful relief from stress!

Go check out The Lumberjanes on Amazon(US), at your local indie, and add it to Goodreads.


Don’t think I have forgotten about Monstress Vol 2. You bet there’ll be a review soon!

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