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Review: In a Not So Perfect World by Neely Tubati Alexander

We love a video game developer and In a Not So Perfect World is a story about ambition, love, and speaking up for ourselves. It’s about someone who can come into our lives and inspire us to speak up for ourselves, to chase our dreams, to really live. Keep reading this book review of In a Not So Perfect Strangers for my full thoughts.


Sloane Cooper is up for her dream job as a designer for a top video game company. During the interview, though, she somehow promises the all-male panel that she’ll remain single and fully dedicated to the work. It’s actually fine—after her last boyfriend cheated on her, she vowed to focus on her career anyway.

Enter Charlie, aka Hot Neighbor Guy, a near-stranger who shocks her with the offer of an all-inclusive trip to a Turks and Caicos resort. The catch? Charlie originally planned the trip with his ex, and asks Sloane to pose as his new girlfriend to make his old flame come running back. Against her better judgment, Sloane says yes; she can use the time away to develop a game design that will dazzle the Catapult team and get her a job offer.

Despite sparks flying in paradise, the trip can’t lead to more. As their connection deepens, Sloane is reminded that she can’t fall for Charlie and get knocked off her professional path. Besides, he’s trying to win back his true love. Can Sloane figure out a way to move past heartbreak, land the job of her dreams, and avoid catching feelings? The zombie apocalypse would be easier to solve—at least she’s prepared for that.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

One of my earliest reflections of In a Not So Perfect World was how much character there was in the first few chapters. These characters immediately enter the page with flair, unique qualities, and a characteristic of being memorable. I loved Sloane from the beginning. We always love a career driven video game developer who just wants to be taken seriously. To be given a shot. In a Not So Perfect World balances the toxic masculinity and sexism of the video game sphere with Sloane’s desires to make a space, an impact, of her own.

And In a Not So Perfect World has characters who want someone back – even though we shouldn’t. Charlie has such a kind heart, but he also is still struggling with his post breakup reflexes. Sloane and Charlie have this opposite push and pull energy with their exes, but both still working from a place of hurt and wondering what is next for themselves. In a Not So Perfect World exposes the power, and benefit, of strangers to unearth these pieces of ourselves. Someone who can be so different from what we thought, but who can someone see through to us.

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The person we can be when we don’t expect it. And the impact of what it would be like to have someone see us at our most vulnerable, and to fall in love with us then. I loved this mixture of opposites attract with a summer vacation feeling. We love to see characters reading romance books to each other, to have this electric chemistry, and this bravery to be the person of ourselves we want to be. That we think we could be. Find In a Not so Perfect World on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon,, & Blackwells.


What is your favorite opposites attract pair?

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