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Review: Hollywood Heroine by Sarah Kuhn

Hollywood Heroine has to be my favorite so far. I have loved the Heroine Complex series so much. And while each one has found a place in my heart, Hollywood Heroine has to be the most relatable to me. As relatable as it can get. Keep reading this book review for see my full thoughts.


Over the years, the adventures of superheroines Aveda Jupiter and Evie Tanaka have become the stuff of legend–and now they’ll be immortalized in their very own TV show!

The pair head to LA for filming, but Aveda struggles to get truly excited. Instead, she’s preoccupied wondering about the fate of the world and her role in it. You know, the usual. Now that Otherworld activity has been detected outside the Bay Area, Aveda can’t help but wonder if the demon threat will ever be eradicated.

When the drama on set takes a turn for the supernatural, Evie and Aveda must balance their celebrity commitments with donning their superhero capes again to investigate. And when the evil they battle reveals a larger, more nefarious plot, it’s time for the indomitable Aveda Jupiter to rise to the occasion and become the leader she was meant to be on a more global scale–and hopefully keep some semblance of a personal life while doing so.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: panic attacks, racism

The Heroine Complex series has to be one of my favorite fantasy series. The sheer amount of character growth always astounds me. To remember where they were at the beginning, and now? Such a huge change that has felt so satisfying. But what I loved the most about Hollywood Heroine was Aveda’s character and the pressures she feels as a superheroine of color. The pressure of having to be perfect, but also realizing that opportunities you have to fight for, might be handed over without a thought to others.

Because of how clear this is to Aveda, she feels this pressure to be perfect all the time. To be on top of things-no to be prepared for them before they happen. Her fears and insecurities manifest themself into feeling like she’s never doing enough. She isn’t sure who to rely on and always convinced she can push herself more. Sound familiar? This is me to a T. And because of this, I deeply identified with the struggles of Aveda. This book resonated with me on a cellular level.

All the ways that Aveda feels like it all lays on her shoulders. That if she could just push herself, do more, that things would be okay. So much of that is how I feel most days. And it’s been a real struggle to let go, to relax, and to share my fears with others. To realize I’m not alone. Similarly, this struggle is central to Aveda’s character in Hollywood Heroine. But aside from Aveda being so close to my own fears, I was swept away in the magic and the intrigue.


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Kuhn has a true talent in characters. I loved witnessing Aveda and Evie’s friendship, as well as getting to know other members of the group more. Hollywood Heroine merely cements my love of this series even more firmly. And this one delves deeply into racism, into being a woman of color in the spotlight. It’s one that I would recommend to anyone who likes the ideas of urban fantasy, of women of color tackling the racism and perceptions of society, and stories of friendship and love.

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Who is your favorite superhero of color?

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