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Review: The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco

If I thought I adored The Bone Witch, then I’m head over heels for The Heart Forger. I was even more impressed with Chupeco’s world building, her characters, and the wide expanse of the story.


No one knows death like Tea. A bone witch who can resurrect the dead, she has the power to take life…and return it. And she is done with her self-imposed exile. Her heart is set on vengeance, and she now possesses all she needs to command the mighty daeva. With the help of these terrifying beasts, she can finally enact revenge against the royals who wronged her―and took the life of her one true love.

But there are those who plot against her, those who would use Tea’s dark power for their own nefarious ends. Because you can’t kill someone who can never die…

War is brewing among the kingdoms, and when dark magic is at play, no one is safe


book review The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco(Disclaimer: I received this free book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

I was hooked all over again from the beginning. Chupeco’s style of gothic fantasy is mixed with lyrical and descriptive imagery. It is a feast for the eyes and the senses – which is pretty amazing considering that this book has a lot of death in it. But I guess that’s just what I love (#sorrynotsorry).

I am consistently amazed by Chupceo’s decision to mix the present and past with alternating chapters. It is fantastic and it reveals hidden depths about both time periods. Each chapter leaves off with this little taste for more to come. And it hooks you! It makes you need to read, to stay up late before the first day of your work, and finish these pages.

My love for Tea only deepens with this book. She made mistakes, has her own demons (almost literally), but she is doing what she believes to be right. She knows that doesn’t make her people’s favorite, or even save her from injustice, but she follows this inner struggle between what she must do for justice and saving people.

(Also my new favorite OTP is in this book, if you read it you know who I mean….No spoilers, but it is so soft and sweet – and in true Chupeco style – a little bit dark. But it is emotional and touching nonetheless).


The Heart Forger is amazingly complex. It is a rich tapestry of a world and of a magic system that only becomes more complicated in this book. The Heart Forger pulls you along, unraveling, and embracing you in a cocoon. It unfolds with a purpose, pleasure, and a darkness that is more than fascinating – it is enthralling. The book makes you feel emotions of happiness, sadness, and rage. While some plot points are tied up, there is plenty more for the sequel and I await it with eager anticipation. It may offer some resolutions, but plenty of unanswered promises in this thrilling sequel. You will become re-immersed in it and you remember the thrill, the heart ache, and the rush of Chupeco’s storytelling mastery.

Go find The Heart Forger on Goodreads and see for yourself!


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6 thoughts on “Review: The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco

  1. Ok, wow! These books both sound amazing and it sounds like this author kept the series going strong or even stronger with book 2. I love finding authors who can writing beautifully as well as create believable worlds and 3D characters who are flawed.

  2. OMG!! Thant cover is a killer!! I need to get my hands on her boks just for the cover 😀 I;ve had the first book on my TBR for awhile now and it;s high time I get started on it. Loved your review!

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