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Review: A Gathering of Liars by Siena & Fritz Rollins

While the first book, A Precarious Beginning, might have charmed my heart with an enchanting heroine, this sequel has made me a full out fan. All the things I loved about the first, only became richer, deeper, and more meaningful in this sequel, that leaves us on such a cliffhanger. Next please!


Living in the castle as a mage’s apprentice and a training dragon rider isn’t as easy as it may seem. Not only are there endless sessions of meditation, but there’s a sinister plot brewing. What began as a kidnapping attempt, turns into something else – something that will destabilize the world as we know it – with the possibility of a war. But the biggest surprise is when the greatest enemy is in our own castle, not on enemy borders.

book review A Gathering of Liars by siena and fritz rollinsReview

While the first book is by no means frilly, this book is deeper and denser. Not only do we get some things I’ve been craving – more magic and dragons – but we also get to see more of the characters. This series defies expectations consistently.  I loved the characters of the King’s Assasin and Hyla. But I can’t even pick a favorite! And in this novel, each and every single one of them get better – and sometimes badder. We swoon and sigh whether the be tender or vulnerable moments.

The world gets even richer as the Rollins team take us further into the world building. We see more magic, more dragons, and more about the entire system in a way that feels enlightening and light handed. (I especially loved the interaction between Angus and Finn. They talk a lot about the principles of magic and the interaction with belief. I am so intrigued to see where this particular relationship goes in the sequel).  If you were searching for some political plans or controversy within the ranks – this is the sequel for you! Each element takes on a darker, deeper tone. The entire ending wraps up in a hurricane of revelations and surprises.

This book series is giving me all the Tamora Pierce feels, my original YA/middle grade fantasy obsession, and that cliffhanger almost stopped my heart. What this sequel proves is that the dynamic duo of Fritz and Siena can not only write compelling characters, but deliver us a plot that will keep us on our toes.

You can pick up A Gathering of Liars on Amazon(US), your local indie, or Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the authors.


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