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Review: Are You Listening? by Tillie Walden

When I received this review copy of Are You Listening? I had read none of Walden’s previous work, even though I’d heard so much about Walden. So I dived straight into Spinning and On a Sunbeam in order to prepare myself. And what talent! With each of Walden’s projects, there’s something different, something special about each.



(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: Rape by a family member

Each of Walden’s projects brings something new to the table. Whether it was the graphic novel memoir of figure skating and sexual identity, or an epic space adventure, and now this story about trauma, recovery, and quiet strength. There’s the same gorgeous illustration style with a slightly different color atmosphere than both previous works. And at the heart of Are You Listening? is our desire to be heard. Featuring two gay main characters, this graphic novel is about secrets, grief, and things we don’t quite have names for yet. It’s about abuse, running from monsters, and what will break us into a thousand pieces. But it’s also about finding people, putting ourselves back together, and dealing with loss whether we have left or have been left.

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