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May Wrap Up

Here you’ll find all the details on my personal life, my favorite book of the month, current giveaways and more!

Personal Life

I went on my Honeymoon to Scotland for two weeks and this took up a significant time for reading. I spent most of April getting ready so my reviews were prepared and all that. During that whole time I only read two books. So I took a real reading vacation. It was fabulous and there were so many beautiful sights. I loved Scotland, would definitely go back again. That does mean that in May I didn’t read as much as normal and I couldn’t participate in the Asian Lit  Bingo as much. (Read my TBR for it)

Book Review of A Place Called No Homeland by Kai Cheng ThomFavorite Book of May

This is such a hard month. My contenders are: Noteworthy, Crooked Kingdom, A Place Called No Homeland, Hold Back the Stars and The Windrunner’s Daughter. Is it possible to pick them all? No? That doesn’t make you happy. Fine. I will go with…drumroll please….A Place Called No Homeland.

I normally don’t read poetry, but this collection blew me away. I am not sure really what I was expecting, but what I got was a phenomenal mix of poems that are absolutely necessary and wonderfully expressive. Thom relishes in bringing us to that place of discomfort, of feeling that things move us, the grey space where personal growth sprouts. I would read this all over again and will. There were so many concepts that touched my life: identity crisis, diaspora babies, and more. While there were many that were new to me. Thom’s writing style is honest, upfront, and raw.


Challenge Updates

The Comment Challenge begins in June, so that is beyond exciting to kick off again. Discussion wise, for the Discussion Dabbler Challenge, I have been doing really well. My goal was to have one discussion type post per week. This month alone I have 4 which is almost half what I need for the challenge. That brings my grand total to: 10! I am officially done with this challenge. Woot woot. I know I’ll keep doing more, maybe I’ll even get to the next level, but it feels good to know I am officially done with one.

Netgalley/Edelweiss challenges: I am beyond done with this one. I think I blew this one out of the water months ago. For those wondering though, this month I read: 6

Diversity-wise. My Religious Diversity novel this month was Written in the Stars. It wasn’t an absolute hit for me, more middle of the road. But I did try! Last month was Mental Health and I read Highly Illogical Behaviour. For next month/July we have Sexuality and Gender Identity and I’m reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and Sovereign.

Current Giveaways

I’m doing the Book of the Month Giveaway. Go to this page to enter for a chance, or multiple chances, to win a book of your choice up to $10


What’d you do this month?

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16 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. Hey. Congratulations on your wedding and I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon. That’s the best reason to not read 🙂
    My monthly recap should be on the blog on Thursday. I’m trying to finish up a couple books today.

    1. Thanks! I ended up loving it! The monthly challenge helps keep a theme for the month and it’s wonderful to do.

  2. It’s hard not to echo the comments above – a honeymoon in Scotland sounds wonderful! 😛 I think I will visit there next time I cross the Atlantic. I love that you had to choose from five books for your favourite of the month. Sounds like a month of good reading!

  3. Scotland is on my someday list as well as Ireland and England. I’ve seen photos and have had friends and relatives travel there and all have loved it. I enjoy reading books in verse, so maybe I should check out the poetry book as well that you recommended.

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