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Guest Post: Reader and Proud: Parties I’d Like an Invite To

Birthday Day number 2! Reader and Proud and I became friends over twitter. I don’t know when, but it feels like months ago! I initially approached her about a read-along and we got to talking. She is so unbelievably compassionate and open. We became fast friends and I am so happy she was willing to post here! Go check her out on her blog and twitter.

Hello hello, lovely people Utopia State of Mind is one year old, wohooooo🎉 (you better be dancing with me)


I am so so honored and happy to be able to participate in this celebration, you have no idea. And what better way to celebrate something than throwing a party? I’m bringing you some parties I’d like an invite to. I tried to include different genres, along with different time periods and types of party.

  • Birthday parties

Kind of on-point, right? When thinking about this one, which should have been the easiest, I kept coming across normal birthday parties. Well, not exactly normal but not distinct either and in in order for it to be included here it had to be extra special, right?


Bilbo Baggin’s 111 Party from The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. This is the only party mentioned where I have not read the book (though I love the movies). Basically, the guests are drinking and eating aaaaaaaaaaall day (which is the perfect party), which sounds awesome already but at the end they’re treated to some fireworks by Gandalf himself, which I am so curious about, imagine that! Magical. And magical it is, since the host disappears at the end of it. Also, the host is the one that brings presents to their guests, which is a change from the normal birthday party.

  • Christmas

Quite a popular festivity. Could you imagine celebrating Christmas at Hogwarts? Or with the Weasleys? How cool would Christmas be in Arendelle? And plenty of books surely have some kind of ball for Christmas.


Yulemas is the most popular celebration in all of Erilea. It’s very similar to Christmas and candy and presents are a big part of it. In the morning people go to the temple, while wild parties are held in the evening. In Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas we witness the Procession of the Gods and we welcome Fleetfoot! I chose to feature this one because it’s similar enought but also different from other Christmas parties.

  • Balls

I cannot dance, not at all, but I have always wanted to attend a ball. Those dresses, the music, the dancing, the decorations, the fun. First off we have the Yule Ball (Harry Potter, duh) which even though is held on Christmas night, it was not included there because it’s part of the Triwizard Tournament, not the Christmas celebrations. However, since that is held every tournament year, you should have other options. Like going to the Bennet’s to get dressed and accompany Elizabeth and her sisters to the Netherfield Ball (Pride and Prejudice) where you will have drinks, dances and a lot of people to interact with. This is more of a classic option but if you are looking for a ball you might as do it right.


  • Celebrations

I knew I had to include this one but wasn’t sure under what category it would fall. For some people the end of summer is not something to celebrate, but if you’re in Camp Half-Blood, you will. At the end of each sumer, all campers get together to get their beads, which simbolize another year spent at the Camp. I just think this would be a relaxed and fun day, surrounded by your dearest friends, and saying goodbye to an amazing summer together. I see a bonfire with marshmallows and people sharing incredible stories, offerings to the gods and an overall good time. I never went to a camp when I was younger but I imagine it’s something that bonds people together. This celebration is obviously from the Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan.


  • Fancy Parties

Let’s end this with some class. You’re all cordially invited to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘s (by Lewis Carrol) Tea Party. Basically, you drink tea and answer some riddles and share stories. I, for one, love tea, so bring it on! And it sounds like the beginning of a great game night, so lots of fun and excitement. However, if you have drunk too much tea already, you might want to attend one of Jay Gatsby‘s epic parties (The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald), which implies a lot of drinking (not tea now, though), dancing and music.


That’t it, folks! Do you have a favourite celebration? I wanted to include some carnival-esque ones but I haven’t read enough books featuring them, so I didn’t think it was fair. Which party would YOU like to attend? Apart from this one, of course 😉 And would you like to attend any of these with me?

Again, thank you for letting me be a part of your first year of blogging and happy anniversary! So exciting 🙂 Here’s to a lot more years with you and your blog.


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12 thoughts on “Guest Post: Reader and Proud: Parties I’d Like an Invite To

  1. I’m not a big one for parties, but I would make an exeption for any of these. I’d especially love to attented the Yule Ball because, duh, who wouldn’t?

    1. Yay, glad you liked those choices! The Yule Ball is a school event I would actually love to attend. Well, Hogwarts may be the only school I would be happy to go to!
      And they took it so seriously too, with dance classes and beautiful dresses (well, maybe not Ron’s and Harry’s).

  2. I’d love to attend Bilbo Baggins’s 111 birthday party. The dancing, the fireworks, the great company. I’d also love to spend Christmas with the Weasleys. They are one of my favorite literary families. A Netherfield ball? Say no more, where do I sign up? Excellent post.

    1. YES. These would definitely be on my list too! I think the most recent ball party event I read about is the Ice Court one

    2. The Bilbo Baggins would be a great feast! We’d basically be eating and partying all day, what more could we want?
      And Christmas at the Weasleys, or any day at the Weasleys would be so special; such a cool and supportive family!
      I’m a horrible dancer but the Netherfield ball sounds so appealing! And we’d get to meet Elizabeth and Darcy too.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this Alicia

      1. Yes eating, partying, hobbits, nothing more. The Netherfield ball does sound very cool, especially from the way it was in the movie 😀

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