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Guest Post: And I Read Review of How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge by K. Eason

It’s such fun to be able to highlight other reviewing voices. And, come on, the amount of books means that there’s no way I can review all of them alone! Today’s guest review comes from And I Read – who has done a few other guest reviews – and for this sequel. Keep reading to see what they have to say about the second Rory Thorne!


After avoiding an arranged marriage, thwarting a coup, and inadvertently kick-starting a revolution, Rory Thorne is no longer a princess, but a space pirate.

Her new life is interrupted when Rory and her crew–former royal bodyguards, Thorsdottir and Zhang, and co-conspirator Jaed–encounter an abandoned ship registered under a false name, seemingly fallen victim to attack. As they investigate, they find evidence of vicious technology and arithmancy, alien and far beyond known capabilities.

The only answer to all the destruction is the mysterious, and unexpected, cargo: a rose plant. One that reveals themself to be sentient–and designed as a massive biological weapon. Rose seeks to escape their intended fate, and Rory and her friends must act fast when the attackers return with their superior weaponry.

As the situation gains the attention of an increasing number of alien races, Rory finds herself acting as negotiator and diplomat, in order to save Rose and her friends–and avert an unprecedented war.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

K. Eason continued their rather unique storytelling in the second installment of the Thorne Chronicles. It picks up the story more or less after the first one and features the same protagonist. But aside from them, the story mainly takes place in new locations with different factions and races. Which is something I cannot wrap my head around. The first book set up this grand universe and then it went in a completely different direction.

Overall I felt like the story was compressed to fit into one single book. Almost as if they didn’t want to release a third one. Even the epilogue alone could probably be enough material to fill another book.

Aside from that, the book is quite enjoyable as long as you are comfortable with this writing style. It can even be read as a standalone book as long as you are okay with missing out on some of the backstory surrounding the main characters. 

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