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FLYTIP: Top 5 Tips on How to Make Time to Read

I am often asked, ‘how do you make time to read?’. This always seemed like a simple answer, until you really think about it. A lot of people want to read, desperately, but they don’t have the time. The people who ask me this are: either in a slump, need to start reading, unsure of how to fit reading into their day, or struggling making it a habit. So today, I’ll tell you my tips!

By the way, this is part of the open topic FLYTIP segment run by FLYlef reviews. This week we get to write about anything we want! So what better way to combine it and the question I get asked the most.

Number 1: Read During the Commute

This is my number one tip for commuters. I was able to read 40 minutes per day just on my commute alone when I was going to my internship. This reading time helped me finish the books I needed for the blog. So, taking my own advice really helped.

But what if you can’t? What if you don’t commute, or it’s too full? Well if it’s too full to hold a book, I like listening to audiobooks. It’s super entertaining, you can zone a little too, and all you need is your ear phones.

If you don’t commute, try listening it to when you’re doing tasks: laundry, vacuuming, dishes, or anything that doesn’t require a lot of attention. There’s a certain appeal to mindfullness, but I find it makes me enjoy them even more. Or I try to go for a walk once a day and listen to an audiobook then.

Believe me, the minutes pile up.

Number 2: Change Your Genre Up

Whenever I’m in a slump, which happens rarely, but does happen, I change my genre up. And normally in a big way. This helps keep things new and exciting. I was reading a TON of YA and by the end, I just needed a change, so now I’m back to SF/Fantasy. Even now I am feeling like a change could be good, so you just gotta change it up. Go out of your comfort zone, try something new.

Number 3: Choose Carefully

There can be nothing more annoying then spending so much time on a bad book. It can throw you into a slump black hole. You may even end up on the floor wondering if there will ever be a good book again. Don’t worry. There will be. Do a little research into a book you want to read. You could check out Goodreads, a star rating, ask friends and family. A little hype is just enough to get me reading. Personal recommendations from people and book reviewers I trust is one of the best motivations *wink wink*.

Number 4: Be Patient

This can be super hard. You want to read and you want to now. But nothing is less satisfactory than speed reading and then forgetting. If you try a little to read, you will get there. If you can’t get into that frame of mind, that’s okay. Maybe it’s time to try a new hobby, or try a different location, or join a group of readers. Whatever it is, if you can’t find it, don’t despair. It will happen. Reach out to people. Let them know you’re having trouble. They can give you tips or suggestions. Reach out to me! I’ll be there! You don’t have to feel disappointed, guilty, or alone. We all go through it, it’s a natural part of a cycle.

Number 5: Make it a Habit

This is my biggest tip. Even if you read 5 pages everyday, you’re still reading. Set yourself a daily, weekly, monthly goal and try to stick with it. It’ll be hard and start small. You will fall off, exceed, lag behind. But it’s about getting it into your mind. After I think 21 days of solidifying an action it becomes a habit. So you just gotta push through for those 21 days and then it’ll be golden. You will even come to enjoy the habit. The key thing here is not to let guilt get to you. If you can’t manage it, roll it off and start again tomorrow. There’s nothing worse then feeling guilty about it. Tomorrow is a new day. A new 5 pages will wait for you.

Books are patient. They are kind and always there for you. Tomorrow the book should still be there.


What are your top tips for making time to read?

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6 thoughts on “FLYTIP: Top 5 Tips on How to Make Time to Read

  1. I had quite a laugh reading suggestion #1! Yes, what if the commute is crowded? And, you have an awesome answer for that, too, — go to audiobooks! hehe. I’m a huge proponent of suggestion #5. I think reading is a good habit that I try to maintain, even if for 5 minutes. Great tips!!

    1. Yeah I’ve encountered so many people who stress themselves out about it, but the best things about books is how loyal they are. They will never judge you if you don’t pick them up, or even tear them. Their love is unconditional.

    1. Audiobooks seem to be the silent hero. I would listen to them when I drive too, my dad does on his commute and he goes through books so fast!

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