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February Wrap Up

I promise this will be the last month that I don’t have an overall reading image. I am finally caught up on books I read in January and 2021…I know it’s March. But the end of 2021 was a WHIRLWIND. But look forward to March when you can see an image of all the books I’ve read….again.

Books Read – 32

As I was filming my February Wrap Up, I thought I had read 31 books. But then I realized I forgot about the romance book I finished that evening and didn’t put in my Excel sheet. You’d think with an Excel sheet, that it would have all the information, and then you realize Excel sheets are run by humans who are fallible. February was an intense month because there are 28 days in February and so 32 is like….over that.

But to be fair, not only did I have all my library holds come in, but I had my two book club books, AND the announcement of my amazing Epic Reads panel which added books to my TBR. So while it was a lot, I am still very happy. And I had an amazing month with 11 five star/notable reads of February:

Of the 32 books, I also read 16 books with queer MCs and 17 books with POC MCs. So big pat on the back for a month smashing through my stats. And so far March is starting out with some great books, so I’m just so happy these last months, even though I am BEYOND behind.


What was your favorite book of February?

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