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April Wrap Up

April has been a month. To get ready for my vacation in May and June I’ve been reading at a furious pace – a book a day, which isn’t new, but the pressure was on to get all my work done before my vacation.

Books Read = 34

(By the way the colors. Orange = Netgalley, Blue = Edelweiss, Green = Publisher/Author)

So April was all over the place for me. April had a lot of ups and downs, reading wise, but I ended so strongly and had such an amazing time. I finished Learning Curves and The Baker Thief for the Aspec April, finally, and read On the Come Up as an audiobook. Some of the stand out books from the first part of April were Nocturna, Don’t Date Rosa Santos, and The Bride Test. Overall it was a lot of pressure, but I didn’t feel that much…until the next picture.

Keep This to Yourself should be orange, my mistake! I got to read a lot of books coming out in May and June in April – to get ahead of my schedule, and my book month just ended up getting better and better. I was finally able to read and love: The Wise and the Wicked, Going Off Script, Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, and Queenslayer. All of those were 5 star predicted reads for me – would you like to see one of those posts from me?

And then the last stretch of the month, which it cut off strangely because I made a mistake editing so apologies ahead of time. I ended April with an amazing end, Patron Saints of Nothing, but everything I read at the end of April I adored. So I feel very fortunate I was able to read books I loved and very few duds, but it was still a lot of pressure.

I think in total I read: 3 audiobooks (lots of cleaning), 1 book for Backlist Book Worms – Uprooted, (my Backlist reading book chat). In total I read 34 books, which is also like…how, I mean HOW!?

Challenge Progress

So here are some updates for my challenges. In April I read:

  • 24 2019 releases books = 108 total
  • 15 Netgalley/Edelweiss books = 70 total
  • 12 YARC books = 28 total
  • 8 Backlist books = 17 total
  • 0 Retellings = 14 total

You can tell I could be improving my YARC books for sure. But it’s okay because May is the #AsianLitbingo and #asianreadathon so I think I’ll be okay for May – or June whenever the reviews are published. And for backlist books, well I highly doubt I’ll meet my goals this year. I think it was 52 and we’ll see, but I am lowering my expectations for that one. I do need to read more retellings, I’m shocked I didn’t review ANY for April!


What was your favorite book you read in April?

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