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YA Prom

When I was asked if I wanted to create a mood board for my ideal YA Prom I was immediately hooked. For me, prom was important but I didn’t go the full distance. I settled a lot and there was a ton of drama – I’m thinking about senior prom here.

The Real Prom

My dress came from Forever 21 and I bought it for 20 dollars. Yes, it was a decent dress and I still have the exact outfit (please don’t make me put it on for the sake of this post). In many ways, I still love that dress, but it wasn’t the one I wanted. I had wanted this epic ballgown type dress but I didn’t manage to order it in time because it had to be made for me. At the same time, there was all this drama going on in the background and I didn’t know if I wanted to go all out because I might not have a date. In hindsight, what I wish I had done is ditched the guy, gone with my best friends, and made the most of it. So being able to imagine how I would have done it makes me so happy.

My Imagined Prom

You can find this dress at David’s Bridal

I would fly solo – which is why there will be no date in my photo board. That was one of the things that made me enjoy my prom experience less, so if I could do it again, I’d ditch them. I adore dancing, so I needed a dress that would make me feel elegant and allow for maximum dancing. (In hindsight a ballgown would have been a bad choice for me).

In terms of car, actually this is the one area I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d still go in a car that I borrowed from my parents – hello! – and I would decorate it with those chalk marker things. It can’t actually be chalk because that doesn’t seem right….But it would have all sorts of fun things, hashtags, and all sorts of really fun things that sound right, but in reality are cringeworthy.

And in terms of dates, you already know I’d go with my best friends! You gotta stay with the people who will support and love you through it all, and through the next morning for sure!


What would your Dream Prom be like?

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2 thoughts on “YA Prom

  1. Friends are always better than any date. <3

    I haven't had a prom. It isn't a thing here in the Netherlands. At least not in my time. And I am glad because it totally isn't for me. Love the dress you choose though.

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