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TT: Best Book Recommendations to/from Dad

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is themed after Father’s Day. I am sharing my best book recommendations from my Dad. My Dad has always read a lot, ever since I can remember. One of the things I love best is driving with him, because he’ll always be listening to an audiobook in the car. When I was younger, he would read a book on the commute to my dance school as well. He always has a book in some form or another.

(The whole Top Ten Tuesday meme is organized by the lovely Broke and the Bookish and you can see the whole list here.)

Mostly my Dad reads adventure type novels: spy thrillers, detective series. But he’s open to a lot of things. So I’m going to share books my dad recommended to me, and books I recommended to him.

Recs From My Dad

  1. He was the first one to talk to me about The Hunger Games. I have no idea where he found them, but he was listening to them on audiobook and said, “Hey, I think you’ll like these”. At the time, I was in High School and going through my dystopia phase, so I did read them. I ended up liking them from that stand point and this was probably the first dystopia I read with a female heroine.
  2. My Dad recommended The Pillars of the Earth to me. I haven’t read it yet, sorry Dad (he does read my blog). First off, it is a giant. Second off, well….that’s actually my only reason. I will read it this year, even though I bought it maybe two years ago. It is now my goal for this year.
  3. I have been recommended The Pooh Perplex, by him probably at least once a year. Why you may ask? Well it’s a little collection of funny essays about literary criticism (Don’t ask me, I haven’t read it, oops). I spent six years studying literature, so at some point you’d think it’d catch up with me. Now Dad, I can’t guarantee I’ll read this one this year, have you seen the Follet one? but I will tackle it at least by the end of next year. Look at me, making resolutions for next year already.

Recs To My Dad

  1. Funnily enough, my Dad actually read The Zookeepers Wife. I think he was just wondering why I was going to this film screening, and what it was all about. However, now that I think about it, it’s probably just that he finished a book too soon and needed a new one ASAP and this one was lying around from when I was sent it. That is 100% what happened. But this just shows how open he is, or desperate? No, I think open. He is willing to try new books.
  2. Despite that, I did recommend him Dark Matter, from when I reviewed it ages ago. It was actually one of the earliest reviews I did, so don’t go back and read it. I repeat DO NOT GO BACK. But when he also was asking for what books to read, I thought of this one. My Dad is an extremely smart man. I don’t say that just because he’s my Dad. He did a phd for one, and in physics for another. That requires all sorts of math I do not possess, never will possess, and don’t even want to try to possess. So if anyone I know would enjoy that, it would be the Dad who inspired my nostalgia for Star Trek which contributed to my love of Doctor Who (David Tennant, be still my heart).
  3. Recently, I recommended him Sirius. If you’ve known my Dad at all, you will know he has a funny sense of humor. It can be very wry, a little dark, and totally dry. I one million percent get my humor from him. If you have ever thought me funny, it’s because this guy raised me. If you have ever thought me not funny at all, it is also probably because this guy raised me. We run in certain circles and the majority of people can be tough crowds.

So that’s it folks. These are my spotlight recommendations in this back and forth dance my Dad and I do. I love my Dad and I hope he never stops recommending me The Pooh Perplex or books in general. And I hope I never stop getting to try to get my Dad to read all the quirky books I find in German simply because they’re in German.

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Have you recommended a book to your parent(s) or anyone for that matter? Which book?

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8 thoughts on “TT: Best Book Recommendations to/from Dad

  1. My friend’s dad actually recc’ed The Pillars of the Earth to me too. And I haven’t read it yet either! I think it was just after I read ASOIAF and I just thought “Not again!”

  2. Great post.
    My dad recommended a Daphne Du Maurier book a few weeks ago. My mom read and now it’s my turn. My dad reads mostly math books, nonfiction so fiction recs are a rare treat.

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