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Top Ten Tuesday: Backlist Books TBR

Today I’m not only going to be sharing my Backlist Book TBR, but also be announcing the backlist book club! I’ve wanted a way to communicate with you all about the books I’ve been reading in a book club format. So I thought, what better idea would be a backlist book club? And with books I haven’t read, that you’ve voted on!

This Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Artsy Reader Girl!

This is going to start off every couple of months, but as we go forwards we can alter the date. For now, it’ll be a Twitter Chat. For the first book it is…..THREE DARK CROWNS! I am so excited for this ever since Epic Reads Day and seeing how funny Kendare Blake is!

So for the month of November focus on getting your hands on a copy of THREE DARK CROWNS and then in the beginning of December, before the holiday rush, we can discuss on Twitter. Would you prefer if we had constant check ins? (Our hashtag can be #backlistusom or do you have a better idea?) How about December 8th as the meet up date?

My Top Backlist Books I Haven’t Read Yet

How does this sound for a year of backlist book club recommendations? Do you know of any others I should read?


Have you taken that quiz of all the books which are ‘popular’ YA books? I got like 12 out of 40.

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Backlist Books TBR

  1. Great choices! I think all of those are books still on my own TBR except for the two I’ve manages to read (They Both Die at the End & Strange the Dreamer). Good luck with your book club — it sounds like a brilliant idea! I hope you enjoy Three Dark Crowns.

  2. We have so many books in common!! Three Dark Crowns, Legend, Strange the Dreamer, They Both Die at the End and Shadowshaper are all books I want to read some time in the future!

  3. You need to read A Darker Shade of Magic, Lili. It is fantastic. The world building blows me away and the magical system is awesome. I also need to get to Furthermore (the cover is so gorgeous) and They Both Die at the End (but my heart). Good luck with your TBR!

  4. I really liked Three Dark Crowns- that’s a fun series. I’ve heard really good things about Laini Taylor too. I hope you enjoy all these. 🙂

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