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Summer 2017 Bingo (Progress + TBR)

So without further ado, I am pleased to announce my participation in Summer 2017 Bingo. There are so many squares and so many of the books I’ve read also fit into the squares. I’ll post two pictures, one of the bare Bingo board and another with what I have done, or will do, for June.

The Summer 2017 Bookish Bingo is hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews. It takes place June through August and the goal is to get as many spaces filled as possible.  I want to shout out A Kernel of Nonsense who first made me aware of this cool bingo. It allowed me to add many books to my schedule that I wanted to read anyway!

Here are the reviews so far:

SF: The Space Between the Stars

Bingo Progress So FarLGBTQIA+: Huntress

Sequel: Tyrant’s Throne

Latinx: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Red Cover: More of Me

Ace Rep: Every Heart a Doorway

Family Drama: Dragon Springs Road

Thriller: Mapping the Interior

Summer Release: This Impossible Light

Blue Cover: Infomocracy

Free Space: Some Kind of Happiness

Romance: Ensnared

I will give you a sneak peak into the next five books on my list for this Bingo: Hum If You Don’t Know the Words, The Girl from Everywhere, The Ship Beyond Time, Acorna

Are you reading any of these?

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8 thoughts on “Summer 2017 Bingo (Progress + TBR)

  1. You’re doing so much better than I am, haha! You’re going to slay this bingo in the next month, I’m sure. I got a little sidetracked and have maybe three squares fulfilled. Hoping to do better next month. Thanks for the shout out, Lili!

  2. This looks so fun!! I’ve never done any sort of bookish bingo before…. I might have to hop on the bandwagon! Did you enjoy Aristotle and Dante? I’ve been meaning to read that book for ages (especially the audio book, since Lin-Manuel Miranda narrates it!).

    1. I really like the Bingo’s because they can be really challenging. I did, I am a sucker for good characters in a book and these were great ones. I also love family novels where there are wonderful families. So if you like those things, then you should like it! I never knew he narrated it

    1. I bet you can! But also it’s surprising how many already fit in, so maybe that’s also the case for you!

  3. I hadn’t heard of this summer bingo before. I am doing Erin’s summer reading challenge thats starts on July 1st and I intend to crush it this time so I’ll see if my TBR for that challenge and my other summer reading plans will fit into this bingo too.
    Thanks for sharing.

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