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September Wrap Up

I don’t even know what I did in September besides read. That’s what reading 42 books in a month will do to you. This happened entirely by accident and I wish I could go back in time and reverse it!

Books Read – 42

Of the 42 books I read, 40% of them had queer MCs and 45% of them had POC MCs. That’s not too bad. I also refuse to feel bad for not meeting 50% because my brain is mush. It also brought my year reading total up to 362. If you hadn’t seen, on Tiktok I’m posting daily updates to reach 365. Which I didn’t think I would at all, but look at us now.

Surprisingly, I read a lot of YA Horror in September which is SO not what I normally do. Talk about a weird genre pick for someone who was haunted by the trailer of Get Out. I seriously had nightmares and I didn’t even watch the whole thing. Some of my favorites were To Break A Covenant – which gives serious Silent Hill vibes – and The Girls Are Never Gone.

You can also see that I re-read the Jade City trilogy and cried so many tears. Get yourselves ready for Jade Legacy because that one made me cry like three times in an hour. Some other adult reads I loved were Light from Uncommon Stars & Don’t Let it Get You Down. Unfortunately, I was also let down by some of my favorite series and anticipated reads. But I’m still getting over it, so you’ll see when those reviews go live!

But some other books that stole my heart were We Can Be Heroes – which is a powerful story about gun violence and domestic abuse – as well as The Keeper of Night which made me feel so seen I cried. Don’t even get me started on how much I loved The Bone Spindle. The way it delivers queer fantasy, gender bent fairy tales, and treasure hunting!

This month was a LONG one. It also had a lot of emotional ups and downs in terms of books. And while I read 42 books, you’ll notice I didn’t have like 10 or so favorite reads. I’m not sure if I’m getting burn out and so my emotional threshold is higher. Because I’ve lost control of my TBR and brain. But I hope October will allow me some more space to feel and relax.


What was your favorite read of September?

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2 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. Oh my goodness! 42 books in one month? That is crazy! And I’m very jealous! Although I did end up with getting a larger number read in September as well. Thanks to signing up for a ton of book tours at the end of the month I was having to read like a book a day for a week or two. It looks as if we had a few of the same reads. And you had some I’m definitely wanting to read. Here’s to a great October for both of us!

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