Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge 41/339

I became a fan of Gilmore Girls in high school, but once I watched one episode I was hooked. Rory spoke to me in a way I did not know a television character could do. She loved school and was an avid reader. But besides that she was good hearted, friends with her mother, and someone who was motivated by doing the right thing. I identified with her. When I found out about this Rory Gilmore Reading List, the 339 books she mentions on the television show, I knew I had to read them. What surprised me the most, was how many I had already read on her list. Some of my favorites were on here and some others that I have been dying to read.

The Ones I Have Read

I have already talked on the blog about how influential 1984 was to me, and it is number 1 on the list. This is because the list is organized alphabetically with numbers at the top. But still it’s important! With that, I read Brave New World because they are basically companion novels. Not in plot, but in the relationship between the two authors and their dystopian vibes. I highly recommend Beloved by Toni Morrison. It is a beautiful and moving piece of literature that has inspired me to read so many of her other works.

On My To Read List

I never completed Alice in Wonderland. I know it is a classic and I read many pats of it, but never the whole thing in one sitting. To be honest, many of these are on my to read list, or even some I was supposed to read in school, but never did. Atonement has been on my list for a while and this year re-emerged on my to read list because of a recommendation.

Even on the first page of the list, there are so many I have always wanted to read: Bel Canto, The Bell Jar, and Brick Lane. (I will say I just purchased a copy of Brick Lane so that is something!) It would take too much time to write which ones are on my to read list, since that in and of itself is 300 books long. But I think this list serves as a lifelong to read list.

Speaking of books I recommend, I am so pleased Oryx and Crake is on there. You go Rory!

Ones I Am Not Looking Forward To

I am really not looking forward to Moby Dick. I know it’s a classic, but I dread it. Also Crime and Punishment is a hefty book. Leaves of Grass is a book I am also not looking forward to…so I guess I will have to read all of these between excellent books. I was really afraid Walden would be on the list, and it is. I read excerpts of that during my Masters and I cannot stand it.

Overall 41 is a lot better than I thought, but there are some classics I would love to see here! For example, Twelfth Night is one of my favorite plays by Shakespeare. I wish Rory and I could have a book date and I could recommend her books. Maybe when I am finished with a great deal more of these I’ll write that post.

Let’s Discuss: How many have you read? Is this challenge on your radar?

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