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Review: Two Twisted Crowns by Rachel Gillig

If you finished One Dark Window and needed more, then wait no longer. I really loved this card based magic system with a price. So when I saw the sequel, I knew I had to immediately request it. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Elspeth and Ravyn have gathered most of the twelve Providence Cards, but the last, and most important one remains to be found: The Twin Alders.

If they are going to find it before the Solstice and cure the kingdom of the dark magic infecting it, they will need to journey beyond the dangerous mist-cloaked forest that surrounds their kingdom.

And the only one who can lead them there is the monster that shares Elspeth’s head. The Nightmare. And he’s not eager to share any longer.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Two Twisted Crowns is a sequel that swept me away. I finished it while landing because I had to finish before I left the plane. The world building with the cards was a major reason I loved One Dark Window. It’s inventive, unique, and fresh. But Two Twisted Crowns digs into the lore and the stories more than I expected and I adored it. We delve into the why, the ways our actions end up twisted, and betrayals inspire rage. Being multiple POV gave Two Twisted Crowns something for everyone.

For those who are looking for soul searching introspection, Elspeth’s journey and how she’s unraveling the story behind the legacy is for you. If you wanted some swoony romance storylines, Two Twisted Crowns has you covered because this was an early and strong ship for me. And if you love a character who has to go against everything of their family, to take the pain dealt in an effort to be ‘strong’ and use it against the wielders, then there’s at least two of them here for you.

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With a strong foundation of magic and world – never forgetting stories – Two Twisted Crowns delivers character development which will have you cheering. It’s a book about choices and power. About when our choices are robbed from us, twisted in front of our eyes, and when power corrupts. Find Two Twisted Crowns on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon (US)(UK),, & Blackwells.


What is your favorite card magic book?

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