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Review: Tidal Creatures by Seanan McGuire

Being immersed into a Seanan McGuire book is always a trip. I am consistently awed by the mind, the masterful plot, and the twists and turns. If you have been reading the Alchemical Journeys series, this is a must read. Keep reading my review of Tidal Creatures for my full thoughts.


All across the world, people look up at the moon and dream of gods. Gods of knowledge and wisdom, gods of tides and longevity. Over time, some of these moon gods incarnated into the human world alongside the other manifest natural concepts. Their job is to cross the sky above the Impossible City―the heart of all creation―to keep it connected to reality.

And someone is killing them.

There are so many of them that it’s easy for a few disappearances to slip through the cracks. But they aren’t limitless.

In the name of the moon, the lunar divinities must uncover the roots of the plot and thwart the true goal of those behind these attacks―control of the Impossible City itself.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Tidal Creatures is a whopper of a bite. With the amount of world building, you just have to take a moment to appreciate the journey. A world that is so richly descriptive with the A Deborah Baker books and the intersections of these worlds. After Seasonal Fears we knew more about alchemy, but Tidal Creatures takes it even further. Each of these books in the series manages to be both so unique and carefully tied together. I enjoyed being introduced to new characters – which make this feel a bit more dystopian – and returning back to some of our favorites.

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And only now am I finally feeling like the world clicks a bit more. With each of my readings of this series, there’s always a moment where it clicks. There’s confusion at the beginning. When you have to kind of just take in the journey of McGuire, but then it is tied together. I’d recommend re-reading or reading directly after if possible because you’ll be able to grasp along quicker. For me, it came back slowly and then when it all clicked, I gasped aloud. Throughout the series, Tidal Creatures also explores the idea of what kind of character we want to be. To know that if we have more choices, who will we become?

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