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Review: These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch

These Rebel Waves is all action, politics, and intrigue. There’s colorful characters who come from different backgrounds, to figure out what they can do about this mess – a people’s desire for war, for peace, and for equality.


This is a story of friendship, of rebellion, of love, and of magic. Adeluna only knows how to be a soldier. Growing up during the rebellion meant she helped the island of Grace Loray overthrow Argrid. But now that she’s not a soldier, now that a treaty is trying to be negotiated, what is Lu now? She doesn’t need to find out because soon there’s trouble with the Council and a delegate vanishes which could upset the entire peace keeping mission.

Devereux is one of the most notorious outlaws, an unaligned stream raider. Used to having no alliances, Vex is thrown straight into this negotiation mess. The raiders become a target and Vex agrees to help Lu find the missing delegate and keep the peace.

Benat is the crown prince of Argrid and also a heretic. He has only ever grown up with a fear of magic and in fear for his life. But when his father, the King, asks him to do the unthinkable, and work with the forbidden magic, Ben must figure out if he’s being set up or if he can really reverse their country’s fear of magic.


book review These Rebel Waves by Sara RaaschSo you only really need three reasons why I enjoyed this book. It’s simple and it boils down to three different elements.

  1. There is non-stop political maneuvers and discussion of real issues. I loved that These Rebel Waves takes a deeper look at what happens after the war is won. And it’s often not pretty. There is no magical spell for equality and to resolve societal differences. We get into it because our characters, especially Lu who was a soldier for the rebellion, has to really see how the ‘war’ doesn’t really end when the fighting stops. There’s all sorts of intricacies and ways in which the system cannot be fixed with a bandaid.
  2. I loved how we read chapters from each main character and were able to really see into their head. This was crucial. We had to get into Lu’s head and feel her feelings of restlessness. We had to see into Ben’s mind so we could figure out the conflicted feelings he had from betraying his country’s religious dogma. And we had to see Vex’s struggles to care about something, to align himself with a cause. Not to mention the side characters were amazing and I want more of them in the sequel!
  3. The plot was non-stop actions and thrilling plot twists.  This book just got more and more twisty as it went on and the book ends on a cliff hanger that made my jaw drop. HOW CAN THE AUTHOR DO THIS? But the whole book, there’s reveals and betrayals, and secrets, and combined with the politics, it is delicious.

If you have been wanting to read this book, trust you gut and pick it up. If you had no clue about this book before, like me, then all you need to know is action, intrigue, and amazing characters.

You can find These Rebel Waves on Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I found this arc at my Dad’s office.


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