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Review: Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai

I’m a big fan of Alisha Rai’s romance books so it’s high praise from me to say that Partners in Crime is my favorite. As someone who loves realistic heists (like heist scenarios with people who aren’t the best trained *cough*cough*), Partners in Crime is a gem! Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


At thirty-five, with a stable job as an accountant, Mira Chaudhary wants nothing more than to find a boring man to spend the rest of her life with. Having had enough excitement in her younger days and desperately trying to escape her dysfunctional past, she turns to a matching app specializing in Indian American singles to help her find someone to settle down with.

Enter Naveen Desai. An English professor with an uneventful, normal, and—dare she say it, boring—life, Naveen is perfect.

But just when things are going well, Mira receives news that her aunt has died. Suddenly a trip to Las Vegas to settle her aunt’s affairs turns into a mad dash to escape kidnappers, evade art thieves, and consorting with hackers who can decipher just what it was Mira’s aunt was involved with. Mira just hopes that Naveen isn’t chased away by the very same life of “excitement” that she’s been trying to get away from. But maybe, over the course of one wild night, Mira and Naveen will find the love connection that neither expected.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

My love for Partners in Crime stems from the action and the characters. Firstly, I love the premise. Exes who are thrown together by the death of Mira’s aunt and then they’re kidnapped. Yes you read that right. Because Mira has some secrets that even Naveen never knew that are coming back to haunt them. And in their case kidnap them and threaten their family. Excuse me but what? With that premise, Partners in Crime instantly rocketed to my favorite Alisha Rai.

Even more so, Partners in Crime is dual POV so we are able to see Mira’s secrets and the ways she mourns the loss of their relationship. At the same time, we can see Naveen’s confusion – heck a dude just got kidnapped – but also the ways in which he comes to see Mira in a new light. With electric chemistry, there are plenty of sparks both in anger, frustration, and on the run. The plot of Partners in Crime is enough to convince me there needs to be a movie.


But even more so, I love how Partners in Crime asks us if we can ever truly love someone if we don’t know them, if we don’t see their flaws and their past. Because as more is revealed about Mira and Naveen realizes how little he knew, we begin to see Mira more clearly. All the ways she was hiding not only from some unsavory people, but also from herself. In a relationship if you only know the shiny, it won’t be enough to support you in the bad times.

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In short, Partners in Crime has it all. It tackles toxic relationships (and often family members), complicated sibling relationships, second chance romance, and kidnapping. There’s chemistry and sparks all next to a plot that will sweep you away and kidnap you! Honestly I can’t imagine someone who wouldn’t enjoy this one. Find Partners in Crime on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


What’s a romance book you’d recommend to everyone?

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