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Review: Leather & Lark by Brynne Weaver

For fans of The Ruinous Love trilogy, you’ll already have pre-ordered Leather & Lark. And this sequel is something else. It’s a slow burn, hate to love romance. If you’re not afraid of those who have to let themselves be loved, this is for you. Keep reading this book review of Leather & Lark for my full thoughts.


Contract killer Lachlan Kane wants a quiet life working in his leather studio and forgetting all about his traumatic past. But when he botches a job for his boss’s biggest client, Lachlan knows he’ll never claw his way out of the underworld. At least, not until songbird Lark Montague offers him a deal: use his skills to hunt down a killer and she’ll find a way to secure his freedom. The catch? He has to marry her first. 

 And they can’t stand each other. 

 Indie singer-songwriter Lark is the sunshine and glitter that burns through every cloud and clings to every crevice that Lachlan Kane tries to hide inside. The surly older brother of her best friend’s soulmate, Lachlan thinks she’s just a privileged princess, but Lark has plenty of secrets hiding in the shadows of her bright light. With her formidable family in a tailspin and her best friend’s happiness on the line, she’s willing to make a vow to the man she’s determined to hate, no matter how tempting the broody assassin might be. 

As Lachlan and Lark navigate the dark world that binds them together, it becomes impossible to discern their fake marriage from a real one. But it’s not just familiar dangers that haunt them. 

There’s another phantom lurking on their doorstep. 

And this one has come for blood.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

I was over the moon so excited when I was approved to read Leather & Lark. It’s one of my most anticipated romance releases of 2024. What begins as miscommunications and hurt, morphs into something else in front of our eyes. There are instant sparks, but also banter in every pore. Two characters who relish the ways they frustrate and tease each other, born from real hurt and necessity to repent. I love getting to know more of these brothers and their family.

And in Leather & Lark, both Lachlan and Lark have to work against these misconceptions and misunderstandings. They have to see beyond their first impressions and hasty judgements. Yet what they find is someone who actually sees our shadows, hobbies, and passions. All the pieces we hide from even the ones closest to us. The protectiveness, the genuine care, and once we figure out the essence of someone, they become essential. In Leather & Lark there’s a real sense of softness they share with each other.

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We also love someone who knows they need to apologize and make amends. It’s a serial killer romance featuring fake marriages and hate to love. I am so excited for the next book. I think my only note would be that the main plot felt a bit tacked on at the end. I don’t really mind since I loved the character dynamics and romance, but it certainly felt a bit like, “oh we also have a plot”. However, I love Lachlan and Lark especially with the side notes from Rowan and Sloane!

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What is your favorite ‘marry me to save you’ book?

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