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Review: Hurricane Child by Kacen Callender

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Hurricane Child. So when Backlist Bookworms decided to read it for July I was so excited! And reading Hurricane Child was a complete surprise. I knew basically nothing going in and that’s how I like it! Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Caroline Murphy is a Hurricane Child.

Being born during a hurricane is unlucky, and 12-year-old Caroline has had her share of bad luck lately. She’s hated and bullied by everyone in her small school on St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands, a spirit only she can see won’t stop following her, and — worst of all — Caroline’s mother left home one day and never came back.

But when a new student named Kalinda arrives, Caroline’s luck begins to turn around. Kalinda, a solemn girl from Barbados with a special smile for everyone, becomes Caroline’s first and only friend — and the person for whom Caroline has begun to develop a crush.

Now, Caroline must find the strength to confront her feelings for Kalinda, brave the spirit stalking her through the islands, and face the reason her mother abandoned her. Together, Caroline and Kalinda must set out in a hurricane to find Caroline’s missing mother — before Caroline loses her forever.


Hurricane Child is an emotional middle grade about loss, family, and the truth. Initially the loss of her mother just wrecked my heart. That feeling of not knowing why? And her intense determination to find out? Heart wrenching. But Hurricane Child turns into much more than a quest for her mother. It transforms into a story about first loves and secrets that destabilize the ground beneath us.

It’s a story about being bullied and the difference a friend can make. About needing to know the truth but not knowing if you’re ready for it. Hurricane Child is full of surprises with a supernatural element with some ghosts. I was consistently shocked with each new addition, but all in all it is a thrilling and emotional read. There were some passages that forced me to stop they were so heart wrenchingly emotional. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so because it’s a stunning middle grade.

Find Hurricane Child on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


What middle grade have you been meaning to read?

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