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Review: Fallen Thorns by Harvey Oliver Baxter

Calling all vampire lovers! Fallen Thorns is a story that balances mystery, supernatural fights, and friendship. This brought me back to my vampire feels and I’m thoroughly here for it. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts about Fallen Thorns.


‘A great death is in the air.’

Arlo is lost. He thought he had everything figured out. Go to university, fall in love, get a job.

But life doesn’t always work like that, and before he has a chance to figure it out, he dies.

In the space of a night, Arlo is plunged into a world of blood and immortality and finds a group of people who swear to always have his back.

Dying is never easy, and they promise him eternal safety.

But something is after him, something no one could have ever predicted.

He craves to figure out his purpose before he falls into something he can never come back from.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the author. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Fallen Thorns is perfect for lovers of vampire stories and queer stories. Arlo’s story balances the normal “I’ve just died but I’m not dead” with also “does everyone feel like this?” It may not be the vampires you are thinking of, because this vampires are acting like a checks and balances of sorts for the vampire world. However, it’s a story about community and the importance of finding people who see us for who we are.

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In many ways, it’s about feeling like we don’t belong. Like the whole world got the memo and we were lost on the email thread. Fallen Thorns at times has the mystery and action plot line more front and center, but I was in it for Arlo’s character journey. I loved seeing the best friendship and the found family that is created in this new found community.

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What is your favorite recent vampire story?

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