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Review: Everless by Sara Holland

I was absolutely blown away by the premise of Everless. Can it get more social commentary-esque? And while there were a few truly minor snags, I am so excited for how this series will progress!


In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted from blood, bound to iron, and consumed to add time to one’s own lifespan. The rich aristocracy, like the Gerlings, tax the poor to the hilt, extending their own lives by centuries.

No one resents the Gerlings more than Jules Ember. A decade ago, she and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings’ palatial estate, until a fateful accident forced them to flee in the dead of night. When Jules discovers that her father is dying, she knows that she must return to Everless to earn more time for him before she loses him forever.

But going back to Everless brings more danger—and temptation—than Jules could have ever imagined. Soon she’s caught in a tangle of violent secrets and finds her heart torn between two people she thought she’d never see again. Her decisions have the power to change her fate—and the fate of time itself


book review Everless by Sara HollandSo can I just say again, I love the premise. The whole concept of time = money and that we make our money out of blood. Wow. I cannot get over how amazing that is. The world building of the story – as well as all the magical intrigue – is just wonderfully done. It is a world of inequality – where people squander time while others are drawing their last breaths. The elite are drunk on power, and when power is time and time is blood, they are drunk on it.

There are little details throughout the book, in the landscape, in the feelings, that make Everless descriptive. It is this immersive experience to read and it truly doesn’t let you go until the very end. There were a few things I thought that were predictable (our love interest and some aspects of Jules’ character), but overall the ending tricks you entirely. This is a phenomenal first book and I am so thrilled to see how the series will evolve. The plot becomes this layered mystery of lies and at the end you cry a little knowing it’s so far until the next book.

Get your copy of Everless on Amazon(US), your local indie, and Goodreads. And be glad you’re not paying for it in blood!


What’s the last book you read with immersive world building?

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4 thoughts on “Review: Everless by Sara Holland

  1. I am so happy you loved this debut because I need to read it too just based on the unique premise. I’m reading as many debut authors as I can for my debut author challenge. I have read 7 so far this month and am hoping to squeeze in another before next week.

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