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Review: From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

I wanted to love From a Distant Star so much more than I actually did. It was a hard journey for me, because at the beginning I wasn’t so in love with it, then the plot really got moving and I became more immersed, only for the ending to leave me a little high and dry.


Lucas Walker has suddenly been cured of cancer. Everyone, his family, his friends, and his doctors, are amazed at this miraculous turn of events. Everyone, but Emma, his girlfriend. Emma never gave up hope, and she always had a secret plan for his recovery. But while everyone else is overjoyed he is back from death’s doorstep, Emma has noticed that the Lucas who has returned is very different from her boyfriend. Only a road trip that involves a car chase, mistaken identities, and strange forces beyond their control, will unravel the mystery of Lucas Walker.


book review From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestionSome quick notes on the audiobook version. I really enjoyed that the narrator has different voices. That made the experience even more fulfilling for me because it felt like I was actually immersed in the story. It is my biggest pet peeve when audiobook readers do not do some different voices. As a listener, this is one of the biggest things that help me keep track of the story.


So my actual favorite character in this book, is someone I can’t tell you about because it spoils the book. That being said, please excuse that this review will be a little different than normal. There are very few things I can tell you and highlight about what I liked, because the large majority of it is a secret. So if this seems like a negative review, be warned that there were large sections I enjoyed, but cannot share!

The Plot

From the plot perspective, while it started pretty slow, once it took off, I began to really enjoy the book. But I enjoyed the side characters, way more than I liked Emma. For example, I loved Lucas’ brother, Eric, way more than Emma. Eric was insightful, compassionate, and seemed way more understanding than Emma. At the beginning, I just couldn’t get behind her, and while my opinion improved by the ending, it still wasn’t a love relationship. I think my biggest criticism is the safeness of the ending. I wish there had just been a little more chances, because the whole thing seemed a little unrealistic to be wrapped up that way.


Do I recommend? It’s hard to say. But if you enjoy the idea that love conquers all – you might enjoy it. Especially if you tend to drift more towards YA heroines. That being said, it was just not my cup of tea.

You can find From a Distant Star on Goodreads.


What is the last underwhelming book you read?

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4 thoughts on “Review: From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion

  1. This is the first review I’ve read about this book. Thank you for not putting spoilers in your review. I do like that love conquers all theme, but if the book starts slowly and one of the main characters is not someone you want to root for, then I probably would not finish this book. But I have lots of books I already want to read anyway. I think the cover is attractive as I’m a fan of galaxy and space photos.

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