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Review: Daughters of the Dawn by Sasha & Sarena Nanua

This series finale has some serious consequences. After the events of Sisters of the Snake, Rani and Ria are up against the clock and old enemies. If you loved the first, I’m sure you already have the sequel on your TBR! Keep reading this book review for your full thoughts.


Ria and Rani have barely settled into their new lives at the palace—as princesses, as sisters—when a sinister prophecy uproots them once more.

The Blood Moon will rise in one month’s time, and with it their enemy Amara’s opportunity to destroy everything Ria and Rani hold dear.

The twin princesses must find Amara—a deadly search that separates Ria and Rani once more and takes them to wintry kingdoms and scorching deserts, pitting them against ancient mysteries and trap-ridden labyrinths, lethal sea monsters and an elusive enemy that steals into their very dreams.


With the Blood Moon imminent, Rani and Ria wonder if they can skirt danger this time. Their old enemies have only retreated for the moment. But both sisters realize, after beginning to unravel the consequences from Sisters of the Snake, that the plan and the scheming went further than they ever imagined. Dual POV, Daughters of the Dawn has Rani and Ria splitting up to see if they can manage to stop Amara before time runs out.

While there’s a bit of a slow start at the beginning as they have to figure out where to start, once the action begins it really starts. An interesting and one of my favorite small elements in this sequel is that Amara has a sneak chapter for a moment which serve to make us think about her motivations. In Daughters of the Dawn, everyone is forced to grapple with these politics. With the side characters, readers bear witness to how every character has had to suffer the consequences of kingdoms and rules, relationships of war, and negotiations of peace.

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Daughters of the Dawn is a must read for those who loved the first book. For fans of books about sisters, old grudges, and action on a clock, should be sure to add this sequel to their TBR. The pacing was something I had to adjust to as there are all sorts of kinds of action, including some space between the POVs, but it is a truly satisfying conclusion. Find Daughters of the Dawn on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon, Indiebound,, & The Book Depository.


What is your favorite fantasy with dual POV sisters?

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