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Review: A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy & Sierra Simone

Wonderfully spicy, I adored A Merry Little Meet Cute with my whole heart. If you love holiday romances, spicy chemistry, and heart, keep reading! I seriously need more of this author duo! Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Bee Hobbes (aka Bianca Von Honey) has a successful career as a plus-size adult film star. With a huge following and two supportive moms, Bee couldn’t ask for more. But when Bee’s favorite producer casts her to star in a Christmas movie he’s making for the squeaky-clean Hope Channel, Bee’s career is about to take a more family-friendly direction.

Forced to keep her work as Bianca under wraps, Bee quickly learns this is a task a lot easier said than done. Though it all becomes worthwhile when she discovers her co-star is none other than childhood crush Nolan Shaw, an ex-boy band member in desperate need of career rehab. Nolan’s promised his bulldog manager to keep it zipped up on set, and he will if it means he’ll be able to provide a more stable living situation for his sister and mom.

But things heat up quickly in Christmas Notch, Vermont, when Nolan recognizes his new co-star from her ClosedDoors account (oh yeah, he’s a member). Now Bee and Nolan are sneaking off for quickies on set, keeping their new relationship a secret from the Hope Channel’s execs. Things only get trickier when the reporter who torpedoed Nolan’s singing career comes snooping around—and takes an instant interest in mysterious newcomer Bee.

And if Bee and Nolan can’t keep their off-camera romance behind the scenes, then this merry little meet cute might end up on the cutting room floor.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

TW: sexism

Weeks after finishing A Merry Little Meet Cute, I am still overwhelmed with heart. This dual POV romance begins with quite a kerfuffle, but it dissolves into complex and endearing characters. Additionally, this author combination is delightful and spicy. I would fight for Bee and Nolan! (It is beyond cute that they are each fans of each other’s work – like this melted my cold heart). I love this sex positive romance with tons of hilarious moments and spice. At the core, A Merry Little Meet Cute is also about how they’re trying to (re)invent themselves.

It can be a scary process to say goodbye to our comforts and realize that we don’t know who this new person is. And, at the end of the day, how difficult it is to want, to confront the hope and promise, while also the fear. Full of electric chemistry, A Merry Little Meet Cute had me laughing, sweating, and smiling. It’s about how we shouldn’t have to hide who we are, what makes us happy, all to be ourselves. I think, what makes it so universally moving, is that A Merry Little Meet Cute examines how we feel we have to give the world a curated version of “us”.

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This narrow scope we worry about is ‘too much’ or ‘too’ anything. And the importance of finding someone who will see us for all of who we are. A Merry Little Meet Cute hits all the right notes! I’ll have to re-read it every holiday season to fall in love with Bee and Nolan again! Find A Merry Little Meet Cute on Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, & The Book Depository.


What is your favorite author duo? Bonus points if in the romance space!

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