Libro.Fm Sale Picks for November

For everyone who wants a blog post instead of a video, I collected all of my recs for this month’s sales! I am a HUGE fan of and have been making it my mission to spread all the good news and sales!

The Video (ICYMI)

(Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. For more information you can look at the Policy page. If you’re uncomfortable with that, know you can look up the book on any of the sites below to avoid the link)


Well is an audiobook subscription service and website. It’s an audiobook subscription model that doesn’t support Amazon and instead support independent bookstores. When you sign up, you can have your membership benefit your local independent bookstore and this has also been expanded outside of the US too! It’s 14.99 a month for one credit of an audiobook a month which is a steal if you consider the production and narrators that go into a book, but you can also benefit from the sales of without a membership. All you need is a free account and the app and voila! Plus their app interface is by far my favorite of all the audiobook apps I know! However if you are a member and find any of these sales tempting, you’ll also get a discount of 30% on top of the sale price!

Libro Fm Info:

Libro FM Referral Link:

The Romance Picks

Romance List of Sale Books:

Hate to Want You:

Love, Chai, and Other Four Letter Words:

Neon Gods:

YA Picks

YA Club List:


Keeper of Night:

Empress of Time:

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea:

Battle of the Bands:

Lucky Girl:

The Life (and Medieval Times) of Kit Sweetly:

Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous:

The Perfect Escape:

Blazewrath Games:


She’s Too Pretty to Burn:

Wicked As you Wish:

An Unreliable Magic:

A Dark and Hollow Star:

A Cruel and Fated Light:

Court of the Undying Seasons:

Journey to the Heart of the Abyss:


Did you pick up a new audiobook this month?

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