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December Wrap Up

Did you think that just because I posted my 2018 In Review, I wouldn’t talk to you about December? Nope! You’re in luck because I’m going to talk to you about all the great books I read in the last month of 2018.

Books Read – 46

December was another whirlwind month. I really wanted to hit 390 in 2018 and I managed. The black boxes are books I read in November. I began my dash to read all the 2019 releases I could in December. I was largely successful and it was all in a countdown to a pre-order giveaway for any book in 2019. In this panel, I adored The Weight Of Our Sky, which I have an upcoming interview planned. I also managed to grab a copy of Last of Her Name which was so exciting since I adore Anastasia re-tellings. And I wanted to point out that a SC in Enchantee is biracial and such a precious character in general.

And in the next frame, I realized that a lot of books I read for my job earlier this year never made it into my reading year. While I couldn’t rate them because I read them for work, I wanted to still include them in

my yearly reading. In terms of books that are absolutely worth mentioning, I finally listened to The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and it destroyed me. Like talk about a book that takes everything to another level. I want to buy it for everyone I know. In my quest for 2019 releases, there are so many of them that I adored. You know my love for Vasya in Winter of the Witch so I, obviously, loved that one.

Then I think all of these 2019 releases in this panel I can heartily recommend. Talk about Asian SF – Here and Now and Then – diverse fantasy – We Set the Dark on Fire – and diverse SF – The Last 8 and The Weight of Our Stars. I was also able to read the highly anticipated Wicked Saints and boy was it dark and glittering.

Now we’re in the homestretch of 2019 when I was home for Christmas. Here are more books I read for work, and a few others that I really enjoyed (also some DNF’s). I ended 2018 with like a ton of DNF’s, probably more in the entire year, just because I was aware I was running out of time and just didn’t want to waste my time reading books I didn’t like.

I want to take this same approach into 2019 and spend more time reading diverse books and less time on books I don’t like, in general. It’s worked so far, but it made me feel sad that my first read of 2019 was a DNF. But I was also finally able to read The Art of Losing which I got at BEA, so that’s embarrassing that I waited so long. But that book is Lili and partner approved, so it’s definitely worth reading!

And the final books of 2018 were all home runs for me. Whether you want a modern day Pakistan re-telling of Pride and Prejudice, or an upcoming diverse fantasy, The Fever King. There were so many books I adored and I’m glad 2018 ended that way. Don’t let me forget, The Cold is in Her Bones. Which I really loved, I want more Medusa inspired fantasy.

Favorite books?

I hate picking favorites. It’s so hard and I hate confrontation. So you know I’m going to cheat. Fantasy is always my hardest because I read so much of it!

SF-Weight of the Stars

SF (adult) – Here and Now and Then (I listed my favorite ten adult reads of 2018)

Adult – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

F- We Set the Dark on Fire & The Fever King

Sequels – Ruse (SF) & Winter of the Witch (F)

Contemporary- When the Truth Unravels & The Weight of Our Sky


What was your favorite book of December? What was the last book you read?

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