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Book Tour: Book Review: Okay, Cupid by Mason Deaver

This is the perfect pre-Valentines day read. Okay, Cupid is swoony, heartwarming, and will make you smile. I loved this one! Keep reading this book review of Okay, Cupid for my full thoughts.


As a cupid, Jude thinks they understand love a little bit more than the average human. It makes sense — Jude’s been studying love their whole teen life. And, yes, there have been some bumps in the road, and they’re currently on probation for doing something that they absolutely, definitely shouldn’t have done… but they’re ready to prove they can make matches without ever getting involved. Only… Jude’s next assignment isn’t about setting up two adults. 

No, this time Jude has to go to high school, with kids their own age. And the assignment is a tough two best friends who are meant to be more than just best friends… but who aren’t currently speaking to each other after a huge falling out. Jude thinks they’ve got this one all under control, and that they won’t get involved whatsoever. Which proves that maybe Jude hasn’t learned the first lesson of humans and love … It’s complicated.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

I love the idea of a meddling cupid with mixed success. The whole premise of Okay, Cupid has romantic comedy spelled out. And you can just read this delightful swoony book about love and end with a smile. But what I loved most is that throughout Deaver leaves us these beginning crumbs of a story also about humanity and discovery. About the ways in which we as humans are bound to love in spite of the end. Sometimes we even fall in love with the end in sight. Or all the ways in which we allow ourselves to have our hearts broken over and over again.

And despite it all, there’s a beauty in it. A beauty in this human desire for love whether it be family, friends, partners, and to know that in this fragile speck of a life we have, we center our lives around these connections. At the same time, Okay, Cupid asks a crucial question of our cupids – if we are doomed not to be able to fall in love – especially with a human – how can we do our jobs? It’s not one that has an easy answer to it. However, Deaver forces Jude to figure out who they really are and what they really want.

Okay, Cupid manages this story about love, meet cutes, and romantic accidents all while sprinkling in profound and universal questions. It’s one of those stories you can fall into and also sit thinking about with a cup of tea.

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About the Author

Mason Deaver is a bestselling and award-winning young-adult novelist. Their books have received starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher’s Weekly, have  been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award, and won the Pink News’ Best Young Adult Book award, as were included on Cosmopolitan’s 100 Best YA Books! Their first novel, I Wish You All the Best, is currently being made into a film, directed by Tommy Dorfman. They are also a contributor to several anthologies. Mason currently call San Francisco home, where they watch too many horror movies.

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