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Blog Tour: Book Review: Zora Books Her Happy Ever After by Taj McCoy

If you’re looking for a romance read with spice and featuring a book lover, then you have to add Zora Books Her Happy Ever After to your list. It features a fabulous relationship with her grandmother and delves into trust. Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


Zora has committed every inch of her life to establishing her thriving DC bookstore, making it into a pillar of the community, and she just hasn’t had time for romance. But when a mystery author she’s been crushing on for years agrees to have an event at her store, she starts to rethink her priorities. Lawrence is every bit as charming as she imagined, even if his understanding of his own books seems just a bit shallow. When he asks her out after his reading, she’s almost elated enough to forget about the grumpy guy who sat next to her making snide comments all evening. Apparently the grouch is Lawrence’s best friend, Reid, but she can’t imagine what kind of friendship that must be. They couldn’t be more different.

But as she starts seeing Lawrence, and spending more and more time with Reid, Zora finds first impressions can be deceiving. Reid is smart and thoughtful—he’s also interested. After years of avoiding dating, she suddenly has two handsome men competing for her affection. But even as she struggles to choose between them, she can’t shake the feeling that they’re both hiding something—a mystery she’s determined to solve before she can find her HEA.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

Zora Books Her Happy Ever After calls romance fans and those who love love triangles. For Zora she never thought that a book event would result in two steamy love interests. But soon enough, she has to figure out not only who she could have feelings for, but what she is looking for. The premise is delightful and I enjoyed the ways Zora is truly torn between Reid and Lawrence. I loved that she has to really figure out what qualities of a relationship is important to her.

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We can be so focused on being in a relationship that we don’t stop to question why. Or what we want. While I had a favorite from the beginning, readers are taken on Zora’s journey. And I couldn’t get over how much I loved Zora’s character. We love a bookworm! Plus the spice in Zora Books Her Happy Ever After is steamy! There’s plenty of romantic tension and angsty decisions. It’s a solid romance for fans out there or those who just love a good story about passionate readers. Find Zora Books Her Happy Ever After on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon,, & Blackwells.

About the Author

Law grad Taj McCoy is committed to championing plus-sized Black love stories and characters with a strong sense of sisterhood and familial bonds. Born in Oakland, Taj started writing as a child and celebrated her first publications in grade school. When she’s not writing, Taj boosts other marginalized writers, practices yoga, co-hosts the Fat Like Me and Better Than Brunch podcasts, shares recipes, and cooks supper club meals for friends.

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