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#AsianLit Wrap up Post

So I managed to read all of my chosen row! Even though I went on my Honeymoon last month, I still managed to get it together!

I read (and the links will take you to my reviews)

East Asian: Flame in the Mist

LGBTQIAP+: Noteworthy

SFF: Huntress

Graphic Novel: Monstress

South East Asian: The Refugees

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to read any that went over my column, but I couldn’t read for about half the month, so it’s something!

What did you manage to read?

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2 thoughts on “#AsianLit Wrap up Post

  1. Congrats! In May I read 13, so I’m really happy with that result. Hoping to read a similar amount in June, cause I really need to catch up on those challenges 🙂

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