Monthly Wrap Up

April Wrap Up

Look I had such a busy April I don’t even remember it. I’m not even sure where this month began and March ended. Does that give you a good enough hint to how my month went? I hope yours went better than mine.

Books Read – 31

I feel like my month was divided into pushing to get work done before vacation, and then catching up afterwards. Does that ever happen to you? It’s one of those catch 22 of taking time off. The rush of work beforehand and then the work waiting for you. Honestly, for May something is going to have to change, because my brain is exhausted.

I read some amazing books this month and some of my favorites were:

To be honest, I feel like I don’t even have that much to say because this month has just been exhausting. Does that ever happen to you? I feel like if I forget most of the month, not because of too many memories, that’s a bad sign? My brain might have hit capacity y’all….


What was your favorite read of April?

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