Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Single Word Titles

This Top Ten Tuesday has been ridiculously difficult. It’s always that thing where you read something like this, or an Alphabet tag, and you think that is so easy. Then you sit down to write and realize you know nothing.

Single Word Titles

  1. Caraval, Legendary, and Finale. I’ve only read Caraval, but I want to read at least Legendary this year.
  2. Sabriel, Lirael, Abshorsen, Goldenhand, Clariel. The trilogy of my heart.
  3. Spectacle and Sensational. Check these out for historical fiction plus magic.
  4. Timekeeper, Chainbreaker, and Firestarter. This series is SO UNDERRATED!
  5. Nocturna. What an amazing read in 2019!
  6. Starfish. Throwing it back to oldie favorites. Oldie as in in 2017!
  7. Want and Ruse. Amazing heist books in a SF world where climate change has only gotten worse.
  8. Slay. This was one of my favorite debuts from 2019.
  9. Gumiho. This is a little cheeky because the international edition title is Gumiho, but the US title is Wicked Fox.
  10. Contagion and Immunity. If you are searching for a SF thriller, look no further!
  11. Winterwood. Totally atmospheric, like a chilling winter night.
  12. Pacifica. One I haven’t read, but one I want to this year!
  13. Vicious and Vengeful! Talk about more V.E. Schwab I haven’t read.
  14. Legend, Champion, Prodigy and Rebel. I read the original trilogy last year and will, WILL, read Rebel this year!
  15. Wintersong and Shadowsong. Another I haven’t read, but want to because it has goblins?
  16. Rosemarked and Umbertouched. Can I keep saying I want to read these in 2020?
  17. Illuminae, Gemina, Obsidio. I will not finish this trilogy in 2020.
  18. Scythe. Which I did read in 2019.

I ended up finding a lot more than I thought once I really pulled my bookshelf apart.


How many of these have you read?

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Single Word Titles

  1. It does sounds fairly easy.. but I probably would arse to pop up a list aswell it’s all fun and games until you attempt it, ahaha!

    I haven’t read any of thoses, and only starfish is on my virtual wanna read. Heard how good the anxiety rep was !! Though… im not quite feeling it yet ahah

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