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Review: Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross

My favorite element of Dreams Lie Beneath has to be the magic. I could not get over how much I loved it. I’d keep reading and think, over and over again, “wow this is so unique and cool”! Keep reading this book review for my full thoughts.


A curse plagues the realm of Azenor—during each new moon, magic flows from the nearby mountain and brings nightmares to life. Only magicians, who serve as territory wardens, stand between people and their worst dreams.

Clementine Madigan is ready to take over as the warden of her small town, but when two magicians challenge her, she is unwittingly drawn into a century-old conflict. She seeks revenge, but as she secretly gets closer to Phelan, one of the handsome young magicians, secrets begin to rise. Clementine must unite with her rival to fight the realm’s curse, which seems to be haunting her every turn.


(Disclaimer: I received this book from Edelweiss. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)

The magic world building in Dreams Lie Beneath is so wonderful and unique. I love the idea not only of having to record our nightmares with a Dream Warden, but also this idea that they could come alive at nighttime. And the Dream Warden has to fight them. What a cool concept. I cannot imagine what would happen if my dreams came alive – hello spiders – it would be terrifying. But my second favorite element had to be how determined and clever Clementine is.

I feel like I don’t read enough about heroine who want revenge. And Clementine has to be up there with some of my favorites – especially in what she’s willing to do. But Clementine is committed to making Phelan pay and I was always rooting for her. Ambition is a difficult flame to stifle. However her quest for revenge uncovers an iceberg that takes her on an adventure she wasn’t prepared for in Dreams Lie Beneath. Ross takes us on an action packed journey from start to finish in a world of unique magic with a fierce heroine.

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Dreams Lie Beneath is an utter triumph. I don’t even have that many notes because while I was reading I was engrossed in the plot, in Clementine’s mission and the mystery she was uncovering. If you’re interested in a unique world of dream magic, Dreams Lie Beneath is your book. At the same time if you love ambitious heroines and adventure, then this is a must read.

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