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Review: Achilles by Greg Boose + Giveaway

Achilles is a gripping YA science fiction thriller, it picks you up and doesn’t let you return back to Earth until you’ve finished. This book kept me awake at night, until I just decided to finish it. If you’re interested in staying up till the early morning, stay tuned until the end for a chance to win your own copy.


The Mayflower 2 is headed for Thetis, an earthlike planet that humanity is trying to colonize. After a tragic accident which killed off many teenage colonists, they need new recruits – hence the Mayflower 2. Jonah has never fit in and when the chance to travel to Thetis arrives, he jumps at the chance to get away. But a tragic incident lands the entire ship on Achilles, the unpopulated moon, and they’re in for disaster after disaster: the adults disappear, the wildlife is strange and hostile, and nothing is as it seems.


book review Achilles by Greg BooseI am not much of a thriller reader, but I enjoy the intrigue and the palatable fear in the air. This is where Boose does a phenomenal job at establishing this constant current of intrigue and tension. It is gripping, from the very beginning till the ending – and even further as the premise for the sequel makes your heart skip a beat.

The characters were all so unique – even if they were a tad stereotypical: a soft hearted doctor or a trigger happy hostile military cadet. But they had life pulsing through their veins even if they fell into a few tropes.

The Mystery

The main appeal to the story lies in the mystery. Boose incorporates many different elements of suspense: the ship’s landing, the backgrounds of the teenagers, the mystery of the moon. There’s a multi-layered dimension of intrigue that Boose builds upon like a master architect. It layers upon each other, building up, until it crashes to the floor – even though we’re still left with mystery at the end of the book.

It becomes sinister so fast and demands you keep turning the pages until you’re finished and hours have passed. The multiple layers of conspiracy combine into this fast paced and deep current, like in an ocean, that sucks you in, whirls you around, and tows you under. I 100% agree with the back cover’s description of The 100 meets Lost. There’s misdirection, confusion, and murder which make for a tornado of a book.

In some ways, I wonder if all the deaths is crucial to the story, but it definitely increases the apprehension and tension within. The constant trickery of new knowing who is safe plus the utter fear of the unknown hits you right in the stomach. We ultimately are left between a rock and a hard place, never knowing which devil we can trust.

You can pick up Achilles on Amazon(US), your local indie, and Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.


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7 thoughts on “Review: Achilles by Greg Boose + Giveaway

  1. This book sounds like one I won’t be able to put down! Thanks for the review and info about this exciting book and for the chance to win a copy!

  2. I’ve heard about this book before, and I have to say I love that cover, it’s so cool 🙂 but I think this other review that I read basically says that people get killed or almost killed so often you kind of get jaded 😀 did you feel like that?

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