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In my last trip home in February, I took advantage of my local library and took out ALL the comic books I could. Because of that, I wanted to write up a mini section about some of my favorites so that you can all check them out.

Comic Book Favorites

If you have been following me for some time, you know that I adore the Saga Comics. So I won’t add them into the list, but just know they are a huge favorite of mine.

But some of my favorite reads from my last trip has to include Bingo Love which Laura recommended to me and I finally read. I also read the first four volumes of Giant Days which I ended up liking more than I thought, although I think my favorite volumes were the earlier ones. Witch Boy also made a place in my heart because of how the main character struggles with self-acceptance, his family, and friendship. The drawing style was also definitely up my alley in terms of a good mix of color and cartoon style.

In terms of other comics that I fell in love with, I adore the friendship in the Delilah Dirk comics. Especially the first one where you realize that you have to choose this lifestyle, this thirst for adventure. Another comic that I fell in love with is My Brother’s Husband. I first got this comic last year at Book Expo, but I just got around to reading it. Talk about some characters I adore. The relationship of Kana and her dad, plus her dad having to confront his internalized prejudices and homophobia were insightful. The way the culture is different and how he wants to be a better father.


Do you have any comics or graphic novel recommendations for me?

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