January Wrap Up

Can you even believe it’s February already? I was feeling so optimistic for the beginning of the year, but also January and then by the end it just ran away from me entirely. So that was a fabulous feeling….

Books Read

I thought I’d start by just explaining the colors I use again. Outlined books are designed to show you were I got them. Orange is for Netgalley, Blue is for Edelweiss, Green is sent by the publisher. For a while I was doing a color for audiobook, but I keep forgetting what it was. So this year didn’t start off on a good note, readingwise. I had more DNF’s in January than ever. You might know this if you saw my DNF post. Since I never really DNF books, it’s just both a reflection of the fact that this year I want to spend less time on books I don’t like, and that I was really searching for a good read to start off 2019.

You’ll also see that in January I participated in the Mental Health Book Bingo challenge where we read books that feature Mental Health. For this month, I read the books: The Princess Saves Herself in This One which was really great for those people who want short punchy poems, When the Truth Unravels which I finished right before and was substituted for my YA with MI. I also featured reviews for The Weight of Our Sky, & The Girls at 17 Swann Street. And for some reason, my book with OCD rep got forgotten, I think I wanted to use it for Book with POC, but then thought I could replace it with They Both Die at the End?

Anyway, now that I’m in a lot of 2019 reading challenges. I’m going to do a breakdown every month of my progress. Just note that some of these are for posting reviews or posts, so it’s not necessarily what I read in this month!

Reading Progress Breakdown

2019 Releases: 29 – please don’t ask me to pick a favorite

Netgallley/Edelweiss: 17 – not bad, a lot of the 2019 were physical arcs

Retellings: 10/25 – my favorite one so far has been The Cold is in Her Bones

Sirens Reading Challenge: 0 – but to be fair, I was waiting to get some for my Birthday and that was in the end of January!

Year of the Asian: 8 (see which ones and everyone else’s)

Favorite Book of January

For SF: Stolen Time

For F: Descendant of the Crane

Anthologies: Color Outside the Lines

Contemporary: Immoral Code


How was your reading month?

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